Westside Estate Agency

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Client: Westside Estate Agency
Campaign: Media Relations Campaign

A holistic social media program – when made an integral part of a broader communications strategy – has the ability to help key messages rapidly find a much broader audience. THO has shown considerable success in this integrated approached, particularly on behalf of Westside Estate Agency, a luxury real estate agency based in Beverly Hills.

Though WEA is the broker to stars such as Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Seacrest and Warren Beatty, the company refuses to name any of its clients in its public relations and marketing efforts. Thus, THO has sought out more thoughtful topics and unique delivery methods to highlight WEA as a different kind of agency, one that found success by sticking to its ethics and providing the best possible service to its confidential clients.

For one of the program’s many tactics, THO designed and developed a new blog – The WEA Way, authored by WEA chairman Stephen Shapiro – to address topics ranging from public policy to broker qualifications.

The results have gained the attention of not only blog readers, but also targeted media outlets. The blog’s postings in February 2012 were integrated into media relations activities for that month and resulted in two major Op/Eds in the Los Angeles Business Journal and Huffington Post within weeks of their initial posting.

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