Rebranding a Real Estate Development Company Within Six-Weeks

Rebranding a Real Estate Development Company Within a Six-Weeks 


As a direct lender, Mountain Funding carved out a strong niche in the opportunistic financing market.  The firm was expanding into the development company market and was on the verge of making its first expansion. While the company was keeping its name, it was clear that it was to become a ‘new’ Mountain Funding.

The resulting infusion of services, expansion of service capabilities and the geographical expansion, demanded a rebranding of the company. In addition, the re-positioning of the company was to take place within a six-week time frame, because it was to be unveiled at a major industry conference. This was to become the first phase of our rebranding efforts, and the launch of the ‘new and improved branding.


Outside of the tight timeline, it was critical that the new branding build on the firm’s already strong reputation. In order to build upon the recognition that already existed, but re-position the company, we brainstormed a number of concepts, which were analyzed before we embarked on the execution. While time was of the essence, we were also tasked with creating graphic elements and the overall image of the company that would launch the new and improved Mountain Funding.


THO created a framework and a fast-track timeline to make sure we could meet the deliverables in time for the conference. We moved forward updating the website, and created a variety of taglines, that played on the foundation of the Mountain. Thus, creating an image of stability and strength, yet the flexibility of the taglines allows for a change of venue depending on the audience.

Once the logo was finalized, we began production of the brochure that was to be used for the conference, which was an immediate need, and created a stepped process for the new website which would allow us to integrate all the components simultaneously.

In order to meet the deadline for the trade show, the brochure was prepared with the logo areas as blank spots, which were filled in at the last minute, thereby allowing creative to move ahead.


The client was astounded by the results. Within the first three months of the launch, more than $5 million in potential transactions were presented for consideration. During the first direct e-mail blast, 20 qualified responses resulted in the beginning of working relationships with three potential transactions. More than 250 responses were received from the trade show.

~Leeza Hoyt