Serving as the voice for a treatment center The Hoyt Organization

Serving as the voice for a treatment center expanding further into the East Coast region

When a national treatment center brand stepped up their expansion plans, new locations were selected in Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky, Ohio and several other states. These were only the first of many that were planned during the year.

To raise awareness of these centers, they engaged The Hoyt Organization (THO) to develop and execute a strategic, comprehensive public relations campaign. This campaign started on the regional level, depending on the location, then it was eventually expanded to add national placements as the year progressed. In addition, THO managed the media relations outreach for the opening of approximately 10 clinics throughout the year.

In order to position the company as a well-respected, established organization, THO implemented an intense media relations program centered on:

  • Positioning clinicians as thought leaders/ experts in the recovery and substance use disorder space
  • Positioning facilities and clinicians as accessible to all, offering progressive, evidence- based treatment option
  • Highlighting the strides in SUD care made by the organization


In order to reach these goals, THO developed a customized strategic plan tailored to their unique treatment center requirements. The media relations campaign incorporated the following initiatives:

  • Interviews with key clinicians to determine where they can be most effectively inserted into the news cycle to highlight key clinicians and elevate the company as a leader in treatment & recovery
  • Drafting press materials for each treatment center and clinician
  • Press outreach (which included broadcast, print/ digital/ blogs and other outlets) in designated local and national markets
  • Identifying media opportunities to elevate brand recognition for the company

THO garnered tangible results in each area, broadening the overall brand awareness, significantly elevating the brand through broadcast segments, thought leadership interviews and bylines, and digital media. THO ensured the company was able to see a steady stream of quality placements in top-tier and local publications throughout the campaign.

To expand the reach of the program, THO drafted several media advisories and news releases, announcing new sites or offering clinicians as an interview source on relevant news topics and trends. This effort encompassed both regional and national outreach. The media advisories and press releases were distributed to key media contacts at top-tier and local outlets. The following is a holistic view of the campaign and THO secured results.


The robust media relations campaign increased the overall awareness. THO targeted key media outlets with the goal of securing placements in publications that would reach not only those in the industry itself, but potential clients, including their relatives, who were looking for various treatment facilities and options. This effort was successful, resulting in print, online placements and broadcast (television/ radio) interviews in key media targets as well as local and national publications including:

  • Associated Press
  • Crain’s Business Journal Global Banking & Finance Behavioral Healthcare
  • Executive
  • Practical Pain Management National Public Radio (NPR) SHAPE magazine
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Population Health

  • Hospital
  • Management Diet of Life Mic. com
  • Healthy
  • Health Affairs
  • Soaring in Sobriety Podcast
  • Health
  • Professionals Radio

This effort also was successful in securing placements on the local level, garnering coverage in/on:

  • The Patriot WTVR- TV
  • WAVY 10 News WFXR Fox
  • ABC 8 News
  • Virginia Living
  • The Record Courier Erie News Now
  • Western Wayne News And more …

These placements provided the support necessary to elevate the Pinnacle brand while depicting the facilities and the clinicians as leaders in the field of treatment and recovery.


Total placements: 53 (not including additional online distribution)
Circulation: 48,322,326
Editorial Value: $1,367,268
Ad value equivalent: $455,756