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Putting the Focus on Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services

Mental health has become an increasingly important focus as more and more of our population struggles with addiction and other mental health issues.  New Vista Behavioral Health (NVBH), a family of addiction and recovery centers, turned to THO to not only raise their visibility but position their clinical staff as well-respected professionals in a very complicated field.

The Challenge

Our program began with careful research.  First, we interviewed NVBH clinical staff to determine who not only would be the best representative for the organization, but who also had compelling stories to share. Critical to our outreach was the confidentiality that was paramount in their practice.

The Solution

We created a strong media relations platform which allowed New Vista Behavioral Health’s voice to be a part of stories that were already discussing the path to addiction and recovery. We employed a variety of tactics to promote the centers’ events like special mental health and addiction days, along with health and wellness lecture series. We also positioned their key clinicians as experts in the industry on various talk shows, before print media, and in various speaking engagements. In addition, we invited key media to experience specific activities, such as a ‘sound bath’, one of the treatments that can be used to help those suffering from mental illness. We then developed and activated a quarterly plan based on the hot topics we knew would be in the news for that specific time period.


In just a three-month period, we secured over 30 million media impressions, with an editorial value of over $900,000 across leading media outlets, positioning New Vista Behavioral Health and its clinicians as leaders in the field. As a result of this coverage, the company saw a spike in their organic search patterns, as well as keyword searches which directly linked to their operations.


By the very nature of what it is, addiction and recovery is very confidential, and must be handled and addressed sensitively. By carefully crafting our outreach and focusing on messaging that these issues impact almost everyone, we were able to position the NVBH recovery and addiction centers as total family health and wellness centers known for their caring and compassion while maintaining strict confidentiality.

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