Expanding into the Hotel Industry

Expanding into the Hotel Industry

When a development company decided to expand into the hotel market, they turned to THO to help spread the word. What was the best way to tackle this? How could we set them apart given how many firms were on the acquisition bandwagon?

The Challenge

Presidio Hotel Group was in the process of acquiring under-performing hotel properties up and down California, then rebranding the sites under specific flagship names such as Hilton Garden Inn, Marriott and others.

The Solution

THO designed and developed a program that served as a roadmap to maximize the outreach not only in the local market where the hotel property was located, but served as component pieces that were fed into the national hospitality market as well.

The program, which took place over an 18-month period, served as the voice of the firm’s expansion, and provided the front door for the firm’s acquisition success. Features in each local market – as well as placements in national real estate media along with hospitality journals appeared once the acquisition took place. Then, once they were completed, the property in question served as a case study of success once the property was ready and available for occupancy.

The Result

As a result, the firm had an excellent visibility to support not only each market, but their reputation in the hospitality market on a national basis as well. The result? Finding new acquisition targets became much easier, given the brand recognition that was achieved. 

~Leeza Hoyt