Leeza Hoyt is President + Founder and a former lead singer of a Pop Band

Leeza Hoyt

President + Founder

Kent Barrett is Vice President and has interviewed Barack Obama

Kent Barrett

Vice President

Anne Milo Shanahan

Anne Milo Shanahan

Account Director

Fun Fact: Anne has flown a helicopter over the Pacific Ocean with a co-pilot.

Sandra Stanisa

Account Executive

Fun Fact: Every Sunday, Sandra attends drum circle at Venice Beach.

Cinnamon Thompson Account Executive

Cinnamon Thompson

Senior Account Executive

Fun Fact: Cinnamon loves salsa dancing!

Carly Aronson

Carly Aronson

Associate Account Executive

Fun Fact: Carly has been to 15 countries outside of the United States.

Geoffrey Bray

Geoff Bray

Digital Practice Director

Fun Fact: Geoffrey used to be a surf instructor in Hawaii.

Raegan Haggard

Account Coordinator

Fun Fact: Raegan has gone mushing through the Canadian Rockies.

Thanasi Dalkos

PR Intern

Fun Fact: Thanasi competes in and teaches Greek dance.

Karen Compton

Karen Compton

Executive Training Coach

Fun Fact: Karen’s favorite thing to do is sit at the beach.

Amy Mosher

Amy Mosher

Office Manager

Fun Fact: Amy is a former elementary school spelling bee winner.

Buddy Chief Treats Officer


Chief Treats Officer

Benji Chief Cuddles Officer


Chief Cuddles Officer

Stella Bean Barrett Chief Barking Officer

Stella Bean Barrett

Chief Barking Officer

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