Bringing Hope

Building An Online Social Media Presence to Drive Donations

Supporting Bringing Hope to the Family USA

Bringing Hope to the Family USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children and families who live in Uganda, turned to THO to expand its visibility in the US. The goal was to raise the visibility of the organization and expand the fund-raising capabilities to further the expansion of the village itself.

Led by THO’s founder, Leeza Hoyt, who serves on the board, THO provides comprehensive pro bono social media support to help amplify the organization’s mission and reach a wider audience. The collaboration between THO and Bringing Hope to the Family USA demonstrates the power of working together for social change. THO’s support contributes to the growth and sustainability of the organization, enabling them to reach a broader audience and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

The Program

Key to making the program successful is making the need real to the eyes of those in the US. As a result, our program focused on a strong social media campaign – using Instagram and Facebook as the primary platforms.  The focus is producing content that shows the positive impact on the lives of the residents in the village: the joy a child gets the first time he or she has access to fresh water; the excitement the orphans exude when they get new shoes; the smiles that happen when they see their new mattresses being delivered.

By sharing inspiring Realtime stories, promoting events, and fostering meaningful engagement, our efforts are able to to mobilize support for Bringing Hope to the Family USA’s cause. By utilizing THO’s strategic communications expertise, we are able to help the organization reach more individuals and make a greater impact.

THO’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community extends beyond their client work. Through their support of Bringing Hope to the Family USA, THO showcases their dedication to giving back and using their skills and resources to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families.


For THO, the challenge was fostering authentic donor relationships by effectively demonstrating the tangible impact made by donors. Additionally, we were starting with an initially small and curated social presence, highlighting the need to increase Bringing Hope to the Family USA’s online presence to cast a wider net of donations that would help the organization meet their short-term donation milestones.

Their goal? Drive donations to fund the development of accessible water wells, provide new shoes and clothing for each of the vocational school students and give the families access to more medicine and treatment. Our goal? Build the social media following to increase the investor pool in order to make these donation goals achievable.


To demonstrate the impact donations, THO developed three linear post campaigns that highlighted the different arenas donations impacted the students of the Bringing Hope Vocational School: water accessibility, medicine and education. Each campaign had a curated post series, which included spotlighting alumni of the program, video content from on-site at the school, and updates on water well development.

THO used LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to leverage weekly content and actively engage with the newly built audience. Further, THO ran a short sponsored social campaign, targeting new donors and generating buzz around Bringing Hope to the Family’s new year initiatives.


In the first 30 days alone, THO organically:

  • Reached 6,244 accounts on Instagram (a 5,628% increase)
  • Drove a 150% increase for account impressions on LinkedIn
  • Increased LinkedIn follower growth by 40%
  • Increased Instagram content engagement by 606%

Following the success of THO’s social campaign, Bringing Hope to the Family USA noticed an increase in donations and newsletter recipients, and held major attendant success at their “Water is Life” event in September of 2022.