Four Seasons Luxury Residences

Building Consumer Affinity For Four Seasons Luxury Residences

What’s the best way to build affinity for a new luxury condominium residential complex before construction begins? Developers of the Four Seasons Private Residences in Los Angeles turned to THO to create intrigue, build interest and set the stage for a truly exclusive enclave.

At the time, these were the highest priced condos to enter the LA market. Located across the street from the legendary Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, FSLA is situated in the sophisticated North Robertson district, home to some of LA’s most stylish boutiques, galleries and restaurants.  The development team had trips planned for potential buyers at the time in Asia and other locations around the world. Key to the effort was creating high-level press coverage quickly to ignite intrigue.

THO did just that.

Setting the Stage: Garnering the right kind of press coverage quickly 

Even though the project site was nothing more than a weed-infested patch of dirt at the time, THO launched a media relations campaign focused on the building’s forthcoming $50-million penthouse. The team positioned the  12-story structure as “paparazzi-proof” with 58 luxury condos and a top-floor penthouse which provided necessary privacy and a variety of luxe, hotel-inspired amenities. This angle gave the story just the right appeal as well to buyers seeking seclusion in the heart of Los Angeles. 

Success that Set the Stage for Sales

By positioning the complex as paparazzi-proof, along with excellent renderings and other visual assets, the THO team was able to garner interest – and stories —  in top-tier media including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, New York Post and dozens of other high-end publications that target wealthy readers.  This put the project squarely on the map and provided the third-party endorsement credibility needed not only for the launch of the project, but to set the stage for the tours in Asia and other locations around the globe where FSLA was targeting buyers.