Healthcare Public Relations

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Healthcare Public Relations

When Building Business Means Building Trust

There are many complexities to designing public relations programs for the healthcare industry. Among them, the industry serves a highly segmented market, and it operates in a highly competitive market. Most importantly, practitioners, technicians and other support services for healthcare rely on establishing and maintaining trust and credibility for their success.

With years of experience providing communications services and healthcare public relations, THO understands the delicate balance that needs to be achieved between building business and fostering trust and credibility.

Who We Serve

Understanding the Different Needs of Healthcare Providers

THO has assisted many different types of healthcare companies with expansion efforts, branding, business development, building awareness and more.

The types of providers we’ve helped include

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Physician Groups
  • Healthcare Software Solutions Providers
  • Home Health Services
  • Hospice Services
  • Specialty Medicine Providers
  • Mental Health & Addiction Centers
  • Medical Technology Firms
Who We Serve
What We Do

What We Do

Putting Services Front and Center

We assist healthcare providers to expand into new markets, integrate new services, build awareness, develop their patient roster and other new business, brand their practice, build partnerships and enhance public relations.

Integrating New Services into a Well-Known Medical Center Brand

When a long-established, well-respected medical center acquired a home health & hospice agency to round out their services offerings, integrating it into the existing brand was critical. THO was charged with setting the stage to make sure this merger was seamless and successful.

The goal was to raise awareness for the new home healthcare and hospice services and integrate the acquired brand into the medical center’s group of services.

THO’s program included an intensive media relations campaign targeted at physicians and consumers to communicate the availability of the new service, a direct mail campaign targeted at more than 350 physicians who could become potential referral sources and an editorial program of bylined articles in healthcare journals to build credibility and assist referring physicians.

More than 3 million impressions, not including digital and broadcast coverage, were generated in the first year alone. The direct mail campaign built significant levels of awareness to drive referrals. THO also organized community outreach events including “give-back” fundraising events to build awareness for the center’s impact in the community.

Raising Visibility for a Physician Group

When South Bay Independent Physicians Medical Group, Inc., (SBIP) a physician-owned, preferred provider organization, wanted to raise its visibility within the community and build credibility in the local healthcare community, THO designed a program to establish the group as the go-to doctor’s group and an important local medical resource.

The program included the development of a monthly newsletter to reach and engage the existing membership base with information and success stories that would keep the group top-of-mind; a series of annual healthcare symposiums to advance and underscore the group’s credibility; a comprehensive media relations campaign and the development of various printed materials.

To promote SBIP within the community, THO planned a series of annual healthcare symposiums and other community events. The symposiums included well-known political and healthcare experts from around the country. The success of the annual symposiums generated other community events which also grew quite successful, like the annual “Pop ‘n Doc” walk, a Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser which was designed to link the community with the local physicians.

Marketing materials were developed, and a comprehensive media relations campaign completed the program.

Attendance at the annual symposiums increased an average of 20 percent each year, and by the sixth year, attendance had grown by over 200 percent including administrators from every local hospital, local politicians and community leaders. More than 700 people attended the first Pop ‘n Doc event.

SBIP saw increased patient member rosters along with enhanced community support and heightened visibility.

Making It Personal

Programs That Impact Consumers and the Public

When it comes to the healthcare industry, it’s essential not just to reach consumers but also to communicate in a way that impacts them personally. THO offers customized programs that engage consumers and the community in order to increase visibility and foster trust.

Our healthcare public relations expertise gives us the ability to identify and target well-respected guest presenters to speak at events and identify byline article opportunities so your practitioners can offer meaningful information to physicians and other providers and build and advance their own and your organization’s credibility.

What You Can Expect

A Comprehensive Approach Designed with the Utmost Sensitivity

Healthcare industry professionals rely on the trust and credibility they have built with patients, the medical community and the community at large. At THO, our goal is to design effective communications initiatives that drive results and advance these long-standing relationships.

What You Can Expect