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Planning and Executing for Impact

THO offers the expertise to elevate your brand with targeted marketing & design materials for maximum impact. Whether it’s starting from scratch with a new brand identity and logo, executing a custom e-marketing campaign, or creating an arsenal of digital content or printed collateral to reach your audience, THO can help.

The Value Proposition

Creating, Communicating and Delivering Your Message

THO takes a customized approach to each marketing element. We begin with an assessment: Are you marketing a product? A service? A price or operational change? We design a strategy that identifies the audience you want to reach, find the value proposition in your message and develop a marketing roadmap. From there we determine the best tools to accomplish your goals.

At THO we are dedicated to creating and enhancing your brand — from videos, e-marketing campaigns, digital ads, sponsored posts, and trade show booths to logo development and collateral materials — we find the right solution to reach each audience.

Creative Services Value Proposition The Hoyt Organization
Reaching Your Target

Reaching Your Target

Taking the Message to the Market

Different markets require different voices, different strategies and different tactics. What does that mean? We talk to the B2B audience differently than we do to the B2C audience because these two sectors have different concerns and different interests. THO has the expertise to know what is meaningful to each of these sectors, and we craft strategies and messages that answer their overriding question: ‘What’s in it for me?’

The Tool Chest

State-of-the-Art Communications

At THO our expertise includes direct marketing, retail marketing, general, local and digital advertising. We offer e-marketing campaigns, digital advertising campaigns, e-newsletters, blogs and other website content. We use video, still photography, posters, printed collateral, logos, trade show booths and an arsenal of graphics to tell your story.

We’ve never had more tools to execute a marketing plan than we do today, but not every tool is right for every audience or every budget. We work with you to determine the most effective strategy and the most cost-effective approach to getting there.

Brand Recognition

Finding and Re-positioning Your Identity

Effective branding is not only memorable—it makes a connection between your company, your customers, clients, partners and even society. THO finds that connection by listening carefully to our clients and understanding all the nuances of their business. Then we use our decades of experience to find the points of intersection with the audience.

Whether your company is starting from scratch or refreshing a brand that’s become outdated, we will design an identity that reflects your business’ mission and culture and will make your company’s presence more distinctive, meaningful and memorable. 

We provide logos, collateral materials, signage and more to make you stand out, get noticed and make a connection.

Creative Services Brand Recognition The Hoyt Organization

Art With a Purpose

Design that Communicates

In the world of marketing, we execute the communications strategy through design. When done well, design conveys the intended message. When the design falls short, like language itself, the message loses meaning.

That’s a long way of saying “good design isn’t just a pretty picture of pleasing colors;” it communicates your message in a way that resonates with your audience and conveys an experience. Your logo, advertisement, brochure, or social media posting should be consistent with your company’s brand and enhance your overall branding.

At THO, we design marketing and promotional materials with a purpose, ensuring that your visual assets align seamlessly with your brand identity. When you work with us, you benefit from our professional approach and deep understanding of design principles. Let us take your branding to the next level by creating cohesive and high-impact visuals for your company.