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Knowing Your Audience

If you are a consumer lifestyle products or services company, chances are you can’t throw a stick without hitting a competitor. In today’s world, competing successfully takes more than the best product or superior customer service.

In today’s marketplace, your customers are searching for products from companies they identify with, companies that reflect their values and their own self-image. Consumer lifestyle marketers need a communications program that is up to the task.

At THO, we are experts at understanding and tapping into lifestyles and trends to design programs that connect with your customers and give you a competitive edge.

Who We Serve

Speaking the Language of the Customer

Canned programs just don’t work for consumer lifestyle companies today. At THO, we take the time to understand your business and your customer, and we design a communications plan that speaks to that customer.

Some of the industries we’ve helped include:

  • Beauty and skin care
  • Health and wellness centers
  • Lifestyle and consumer products
  • Restaurant and food brands
  • Day and medical spas
  • Interior design
Who We Serve
What We Do

What We Do

Tapping Into the Consumer and Creating a Buzz

We help marketers launch new products, open new locations, amplify their brand recognition, and ultimately, sell their products and services by designing programs that appeal to their customers’ lifestyle choices and preferences.

We understand your target market and the personalities that make up your audience. We use a full arsenal of tools including digital and print media, social media, event planning, advertising and influencer marketing to reach them within your budgetary guidelines.

Putting an All-Natural Skin Care Line on the Beauty Map

When an all-natural skin care line wanted to enter the market, the company asked THO to help generate buzz and word-of-mouth to reach the right consumers and generate sales.

Our first order of business was to pinpoint the target demographics and psychographics in order to identify the influencers for our outreach efforts.

THO created video collateral which we then put into the hands of our targeted influencers along with product samples. We also partnered with the influencers to drive traffic from their reviews to our client’s website.

Building on that initial buzz, we assisted key influencers to create video components including live product reviews, streaming video and unboxing videos to leverage the visibility of the products on social media and achieve high SEO rankings for the brand.

We augmented our influencer campaign with a press relations effort that resulted in extensive media coverage for the brand. Thus, the brand and specific products were widely embraced by influencers and their online communities, which created an ever-increasing buzz, brand recognition and product demand resulting in continued sales growth.

Helping an Established Restaurant Expand to a New Location

When Lyfe Kitchen, with two successful locations, decided to open a third site, THO was tasked with building awareness and buzz along with a customer following for the new location.

After launching to the lunch crowd with a creative “brussels sprouts ribbon cutting’, THO went to work identifying food writers and bloggers who were willing to re-discover an existing restaurant brand by reviewing the new location. These influencers were invited to private tastings and opening events.

The next step was to target the Yelp community. 150 Yelp reviewers were invited to a complimentary tasting and an ‘experience evening’.

The restaurant garnered positive reviews for the new location in 15 local magazines and webzines, community publications and digital blogs, and it won a strong, positive rating on Yelp that helped to fill the eatery with first-time guests.

Helping an Established Restaurant Expand to a New Location
Raising An Art

Raising an Art School’s Visibility on a Limited Budget

Gage Academy of Art, a Seattle-based art school, asked THO to help raise awareness and expand visibility in order to attract new students.

THO was tasked with working on a very limited budget, making it all the more important to reach the widest audience possible through strategic media placements and outreach to local artists, art influencers and art benefactors.

THO targeted key media outlets with the goal of securing placements in publications that would reach art enthusiasts across the nation and based in Seattle. These placements were secured in broadcast, print, and online media outlets. The digital news platforms increased the search results online for those seeking art courses.

We secured interviews with a number of well-known artists and instructors who were school alumni and instructors and produced articles and press releases. We also utilized the school’s art and community events to leverage additional opportunities for publicity in digital and print publications as well as broadcast television and radio.

The outreach resulted in coverage in over 120 media outlets and expanded their digital footprint tremendously.

What You Can Expect

Insightful Strategies that Engage and Capture Consumers

THO’s communications strategies are designed to cut through the clutter and bring your products and services top of mind to the audiences that matter to you.

We work with a full tool chest of tactics, from digital to social media to event planning and management to highlight your company and engage your customers now and in the long term.

Call us. We can help.

What You Can Expect