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Raising the awareness of a mental health and addiction treatment center in Southern California

When a family of treatment centers wanted to raise the awareness of two of their mental health and addiction treatment centers, they turned  to THO to broaden their  brand.  THO worked closely with management and its partner facilities to generate a broad range of coverage for the brand and its key executives, highlighting its leadership in behavioral healthcare, mental health and addiction awareness  and  treatment.

THO supported the company’s facilities through an integrated PR campaign focused on:

  • Leveraging “ real- t ime” news topics as well as utilizing quarterly media topics to conduct outreach and secure coverage for the brand, i ts partner facilities and key executives in top- t ier health and wellness, behavioral health and local and national business press
  • Supporting local events and partnerships through key news announcements
  • Coordinating byline submissions with their in- house writer for key first responder publications
  • Working closely with the SEO/ digital team to report on real- time coverage and synchronize publicity efforts


The Hoyt Organization’s outreach efforts helped produce over 142 million impressions and the equivalent of 63 pages of editorial content promoting the brand  and  i ts  partner  facilities.  These  have  resulted  in  an editorial value equal to $1 , 604 , 952 .


The following metrics offer a brief summary of the editorial coverage THO

secured on behalf of the organization during the six- month campaign. Please note, while advertising and editorial are different media, the ad cost comparison provides a benchmark that shows the associated advertising budget that would have been necessary to achieve comparable coverage in these publications.

While advertising is paid media, editorial is considered “ earned” media, providing third- party credibility. As such, the industry standard values the impact of editorial at three times that of paid advertising.

To  accurately reflect the significance of editorial  coverage, we’ve also included the associated editorial  value.

Results  were  as  follows:

Total impressions: 142,186,233

Ad cost comparison: $534,984

Total placements: 25

Editorial value: $1,604,952

Top key features included:

  • Behavioral Healthcare Executive
  • Bio Plus Health Bustle
  • Dr. G Engaging Minds
  • Emergency Management Forbes Books Radio
  • Healthline
  • Malibu Surfside News
  • Modern Healthcare Orange County
  • Business Journal Our Weekly
  • Readmissions News U. S. News & World Report

These efforts have further helped broaden the awareness of mental health and addiction, plus the appeal of this brand as a leading behavioral health center while the company continues to grow and adjust to changes.                                                                                                                                                                             

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Leeza Hoyt

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