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Representing Genomic Life, a healthcare innovator striving to make affordable, clinical-grade genomic testing available to everyone, was the unveiling of exciting new science that can be a ‘game changer’ for everyone. As one of the most significant medical advancements in our lifetime, it transforms healthcare by enabling us to understand and identify how our unique genome affects our risk of disease, allowing us to take a proactive approach to health.  company turned to THO to kick off the first phase of a comprehensive campaign focused on making affordable clinical-grade genetic testing available to everyone.

The goal? Raising awareness of genomics and its value in proactive health management, with a specific target audience of human resources executives.

The Program

THO developed a holistic 360 program for Genomic Life, incorporating various communications strategies aimed towards highlighting the importance of genetic testing and establishing Genomic Life as a credible and innovative presence in the healthcare industry. The key components of the campaign included earned media, social media engagement and a lead generation campaign to support the sales team during open enrollment.

Because the initial target was human resource executives, the campaign’s initial kickoff was a hybrid VIP customer and media event hosted by Genomic Life, which was scheduled ahead of a key annual conference for business leaders and HR professionals in Nashville. This event would serve as a key driver in launching the company’s presence to key healthcare and benefits stakeholders.


For THO, the challenge was to navigate the fragmented field of genetic testing and determine how to best present Genomic Life to the healthcare stakeholders in a way that was easy to understand and applicable to everyday life. Further, it was discovered that the Nashville conference organizers had strict provisions on hosting demonstrations and events during the conference, making it difficult to promote the hybrid event.

On the social media front, THO discovered that while Genomic Life had an official account set up on LinkedIn, the platform of choice to reach human resources and healthcare insurance executives, it was underutilized and had no follower presence. 


To address these challenges, THO developed a comprehensive strategy that included thought leadership pieces, earned media relations, event planning and social media engagement. The thought leadership pieces highlighted the expertise of Genomic Life’s executive team, while earned media placements in key publications helped elevate the company’s brand awareness.

Considering the conference restrictions, THO decided to leverage the attendee base and planned a hybrid virtual Media + VIP Event, “Let’s Get Personal: The Power of Genomics,” at a nearby venue within walking distance of the conference. To drive attendance, THO developed and distributed virtual invites that included an enticing offer of free genetic screenings for both in-person and virtual registered attendees. 

Social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram, were leveraged to showcase the power of genomics and engage with the audience. Additionally, a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn was implemented to support the sales team’s efforts.


The campaign resulted in increased visibility and broader brand awareness for Genomic Life during a critical rebranding phase. Key metrics included:

  • 15 earned media placements
  • 94 million online readers for earned media coverage and 2 billion online readers for paid media placements
  • 619,000 social media follows 452 paid media placements through news wire distributions

 As a result of the success of this event, Genomic Life reported a major spike in requests for information, and more than 18 meetings were set up with potential companies seeking access to the testing services for their employees.

The social media program on LinkedIn and Instagram generated impressive organic engagement, with increased impressions, website clicks, reactions and shares. Even with a limited spend, the LinkedIn lead generation campaign, achieved significant traction and visibility for Genomic Life, generating plays, impressions, views and completions.

Leeza Hoyt

~Leeza Hoyt