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Creating Confidence in your Consumer

When Building Business Means Building Trust

In today’s super-charged social environment, capturing consumer attention is critical. The Hospitality and Travel industries are rebounding, but face different challenges compared to before the pandemic. According to Skift, 70 percent of millennials and Gen Z’s report that they will be seeking travel experiences their family and friends haven’t heard of. In addition, the wellness tourism industry is predicted to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025.

The hospitality industry is back at full-speed, and capturing the right consumer requires a laser-focused approach on your marketing and public relations outreach. We have more than 25 years of experience developing campaigns for a wide range of hospitality, travel and tourism brands, so we know how to help your brand stand out in a crowded market.

Looking for the best way to capture your audience? Let us do the work for you.

What We Do

Today, there are numerous channels available all of which reach a wide variety of audiences. When it comes to hospitality and travel, what’s the best way to reach your specific audience? With so many options to choose from—ranging from influencer campaigns to brand layering opportunities—you may not know where to start.

Our fully integrated programs employ various strategies from digital media and marketing, social, brand activations, influencer engagements, lead generation, event production, media relations and more. As experts in the industry, we design the right kind of program to produce stellar results – just for your brand.

What We Do -,Hospitality And Travel
Who We Serve

Who we Serve

THO offers decades of experience serving a wide variety of hospitality and travel companies – from major airline brands to hotel flagships. The type of companies we help include:

  • Hotels and hospitality brands
  • Food and beverage
  • Luxury real estate properties
  • Health and wellness products and services
  • Travel and tourism

Launching a Luxury Airline Experience

When a major airline wanted to announce the enhancement of the premium ground facilities at JFK International Airport, a carefully planned strategic program of media activities – all designed to ensure maximum media engagement around the redevelopment – was created. To kick if off, a new conference at JFK with the CEO – along with executives of JFK retail and concession outlets to unveil the new terminal plan – was put in motion. The announcement was followed by breakout sessions for the media including a real-life first-class experience aboard one of the jets, and a first look at the new retail outlets and concessions.

Media coverage from other the event and the overall announcement appeared in more than 50 top tier publications including The Associated Press, CNBC, The Wall St Journal and more.

Putting a New Restaurant on the Map

When LYFE Kitchen moved into the LA market, they chose a prime location on the Westside of Los Angeles. What was the best way to set the stage and make an impact from the grand opening on? The key was garnering Yelp reviews and building a brand awareness of the new eatery. THO developed a strong media relations campaign launched by a brussels sprouts ribbon cutting ceremony, which was followed by a private yelp reviewer-only dinner.

The restaurant garnered positive reviews for the new location in 15 local magazines and websites, digital blogs and more. It also won strong, positive ratings on Yelp that helped to fill the eatery with first-time guests.

All of this provided the lift needed to launch the newest spot for this popular chain.

New Restaurant - Hospitality And Travel
Maximizing Your Roi

Maximizing Your ROI

We specifically design our outreach to not only build brand awareness but maximize consumer loyalty as well. This means tapping into a wide range of tools from media relations to influencer campaigns, to ‘brand trips’ and social media outreach – all of which are designed to support your brand, expand your visibility and build more ROI for your outreach.

So, let’s do this for you.