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Design drives everything we do, from where we shop to how we work to how our cities evolve. Few business sectors reflect larger social, demographic and economic trends like the architecture, design and construction industries. Our experience serving these industries tells us they are as challenging as they are exciting. Designing communications programs for these companies requires a special touch, but this is where we excel.

We know the trends and follow the various industries. We’ve been told that in many ways, we’re a real estate firm that is in the communications industry. Our client list is a testament to this positioning. In fact, we’ve represented some of the biggest international design firms, national construction companies and regional interior design firms for 30 years.


Make sure you're speaking the right language

Specialized expertise has its own language. We’re not talking about jargon, but rather, the need to recognize that this is an informed audience that knows instantly whether data is meaningful and insights are relevant. The THO team understands this audience and knows how to communicate with them in significant and authentic ways.

We stay abreast of new technologies and trends that impact these industries so that we can design a communications strategy that quickly and effectively connects your business with the most important developments in your field.

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Assessing Design Needs

Assessing Needs

Problem Solving Calls for Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Widening the reach of architecture, design and construction companies can be challenging. As most industries do, these markets tend to be comprised of closely-knit communities that have a language of their own.

That’s why, when THO was tasked with developing a campaign to recruit and retain top talent for a specialty construction company, we didn’t just focus on construction trade publications. We utilized media in fields such as business, finance and hospitality to disseminate a message that the company was an exciting place to work with management that was clued into cultural and social trends. We developed a social media campaign that increased the company’s followers exponentially, and our supporting media campaign significantly increased visibility for the company. As a result, we created a platform that positioned the company as not only a leader in the industry, but created a personality that showcased their brand.

A Toolbox Filled with Ideas:

Establishing Thought Leadership

Projects in the architecture, design and construction industries can often take years to complete, and a long-term strategy for building and maintaining awareness is key. THO knows how to create and utilize a multi-tiered strategy to keep momentum going for your business and brand when the project is generating little or no news.

Consider for example THO’s program to help a well-known, national architecture firm maintain its high visibility in the industry. We began by hand selecting a group of company leaders and provided them with media training. We then worked with them to hone their best and most insightful opinions about the industry and the work underway, and we executed a media plan to include coverage in some of the biggest regional and national media outlets and well-respected trade publications. In the first six months of the campaign, we maximized their coverage in the media, and then leveraged those stories in a social media campaign that increased our client’s visibility even more.

This approach allowed this company to do more with less, and maximize the results within their budget.

Make It Personal

Building Relationships Across Industry Partners

Architecture, design and construction shapes our world. It changes how we shop, informs where we live and impacts how we work. As a result, a key component of brand building in these industries is highlighting how cultures and values impact the design and construction process.

For example, leveraging stories on climate change to tie into a client’s sustainability efforts or sharing insights on demographic shifts to connect with a current focus on millennial lifestyles, or even analyzing how offices will evolve given the work-from-home movement are all concepts that influence design.

Once these intersections are identified, the key messaging for each client falls into place. From there, we ensure that the campaign we develop parallels a company’s culture and values, which then supports the goals and objectives – all of which leads to success.

Make It Personal
Trend Watchers

Trend Watchers

Tapping Into the Right Media

The universe of media outlets devoted to covering architecture, design and construction companies is small, but mighty. There are an abundance of media opportunities available for those who know where to look for them—that’s where THO comes in.

Our many years of representing these types of clients mean that we know exactly who to reach out to. More importantly, we can adapt industry-specific messages to larger audiences and achieve high-impact placements that elude other PR firms. At the same time, our familiarity with reporters as their coverage evolves informs our strategy, giving us a leading edge to position stories for maximum coverage.

Artistic Pursuits

Using Photography for Impact

Telling visual stories is especially important when it comes to architecture and design firms. After all, architecture is by nature visual. How can this be maximized? Where can these visuals be used to achieve the best exposure? Our team prides itself on studying how outlets are using these types of assets to make sure that they are positioned correctly. The result? A winning campaign that achieves the best results possible.

Artistic Pursuits