Financial Publc Relations

Financial Public Relations

Advancing Trusted Relationships

When it comes to the finance industry, expertise is only half of the equation. Relationships are built on integrity and maintaining the trust of your clients. Business partners and investors are key to any successful communications effort, especially when any sort of change is underway. At THO we have years of experience in financial public relations communicating transitions in leadership and other change management initiatives, as well as branding that enhances your trusted relationships. It’s who we are. That’s what we do.

Who We Serve

THO Offers Diverse Financial Client Expertise

Our expertise ranges from some of the largest investment firms to boutique equity and advisory firms. Among the businesses we have helped are:

  • Real Estate Investment Firms
  • Capital Advisory Firms
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Direct Lending Companies
  • Private Equity Lending Sources
  • Owner/Operator entities
  • Fund Managers
Who We Serve
What We Do Financial Services The Hoyt Organization

What We Do

Offerings That Range from Individual Projects to Multi-Tiered Communications Programs

At THO, we have assisted finance firms who are broadening the range of markets they serve, expanding their presence into new geographic markets, and seeking new investment partnerships and new sources of capital.

We offer a wide range of tools from media relations to social media marketing that support your company’s brand, build your visibility and establish your thought leadership status in your industry.

Our programs are tailored to the objectives of each individual client and are aimed at results.

Renaming and Rebranding a Prominent Direct Lender

When a prominent direct lender decided to expand its source of capital beyond one avenue, the company needed a name that reflected its new capabilities and a rebranding effort to amplify the new entity in the marketplace.

THO expertly shepherded the message to make sure that the name recognition from the principals carried over while reflecting the new direction of the company. Our effort was designed to maintain the company’s reputation as an industry leader backed by solid, well-respected industry experts.

THO worked with the newly renamed entity on a multi-tiered program that included e-blasts, brochures, postcards, new letterhead and business cards. We then developed a media campaign that resulted in feature story coverage in such publications as Property Funds World, and Real Estate Capital News as well as other industry outlets that specifically target the company’s niche market. This was complemented by a strong social media outreach that targeted their specific client market.

Helping a Large Investment Firm to Move Into New Markets

In another instance, THO assisted a $12 billion multifamily investment firm that was headquartered in New York to expand its presence nationally with a focus on Colorado and California.

The media relations program achieved national coverage in publications including International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, Commercial Observer, The Commercial Record, Real Estate Forum and Multi-Housing News.

Our national efforts were augmented with a regional program that included coverage in almost every major news outlet in the Colorado area including Denver Business Journal, Denver Sun Post, Colorado Real Estate Journal and NBC 9 News.

With the opening of the company’s Los Angeles office, THO continued its campaign to include most of that area’s regional outlets as well as many of the national financial and real estate trades, thus working hand-in-hand with the national outreach.

All of this was complemented with a dedicated social media campaign that built their brand presence in new markets.

Helping Large Investment
Experience Matters

Experience Matters

Speaking the Language of Finance

Bridge loans, non-recourse lending, balance sheet capital, recapitalization. The language of the finance industry is technical and detailed, and a B2B effort needs a communications company that knows and understands the terminology and can speak to industry partners on their own terms.

But many of the communications needs of finance companies also rely on B2C efforts aimed at the general market, and it is equally important that your communications resource has the expertise to translate what is often technical information for a general market audience. That ability only comes with the kind of experience that THO offers as a result of decades of working in the field.

Building Credibility

Marketing, no matter the industry, should reflect the voice and the branding of the company. That is especially true for finance companies that rely on the trust of their business partners, investors and borrowers for success. Some of the messaging that is often used in social media marketing, for example, can work against the brand you have built.

For that reason, we do not provide one-size-fits-all blogs and posts for social media. Our staff of accomplished professionals will supply your company with tailored messaging in a style that reflects and enhances your brand and positioning.

What You Can Expect

Creating an Industry-Specific Communications Program

THO combines finance industry expertise with communications know-how to create a customized plan specific to your company and your needs. We can quickly and effectively provide your company with the resources to build your brand, get your name out, sharpen your competitive edge, support your operating strategy and help build your business.

What You Can Expect