LinkedIn Changes You Need To Know About

LinkedIn Changes You Need To Know About

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has undergone many minor and major changes. LinkedIn attributes these transformations to its significant user growth, resulting in a surge in content creation.

In 2020, users voiced concerns about the perceived lack of quality and relevance in the content displayed in their feeds. In response, the platform initiated modifications to its algorithms to refine user feeds with an increased focus on relevance and quality.

Aside from meeting the needs of their growing audience, some other factors have contributed to the platform’s changes. These include alterations in work processes and the increasing diversity of the global workforce.

In case you missed the most recent ones, here’s a breakdown of the LinkedIn changes you need to know about.

4 New Changes To LinkedIn To Make The Most Of

Let’s look at the beneficial LinkedIn changes that could boost your social media marketing strategy and recruiting efficiency.

1.   Video Accessibility

To make the platform more accessible and user-friendly, LinkedIn has now implemented an automatic captioning system for video uploads. The system generates subtitles for your videos automatically, which you have the option to review, revise, or add to before hitting ‘Publish.’

It’s worth noting that, currently, this service only supports English captions. In addition, it only works when you share content via desktop.

With closed captions, viewers can watch your content in public spaces without needing to turn the sound on, which enhances the reach and engagement of your videos. Closed captions also let you target persons living with disabilities and non-native speakers by allowing them to read along.

Lastly, because captions contain relevant keywords, their presence could improve the SEO ranking of your video. As such, they can help attract more views and engagement.

2.   AI Tools And Technology

LinkedIn has also incorporated Draft with AI. This is a generative AI that can help you ideate and publish posts quicker. When you tap on the ‘Draft with AI’ option, a dialogue box emerges and prompts you to add your thoughts in a minimum of 30 words.

The AI takes in your input and crafts a well-structured draft post.  You can then tailor the draft to suit your voice and your audience’s preferences. Once the AI’s draft is generated, you can select ‘Edit’ to refine the language further and make it sound more ‘you.’ You can also incorporate any suggested hashtags that are relevant.

Aside from that, LinkedIn has taken a significant step to combat AI-generated fake profiles on its platform. The company has implemented sophisticated detection technology designed specifically to identify artificial intelligence-produced profile images.

Its advanced system has proven to be highly effective, with a success rate of detecting 99.6% of synthetic profile photos. This measure provides users with greater confidence in the authenticity of the profiles they interact with on the platform.

3.   Job Search Functionality

LinkedIn reports that many people are more interested in uncovering job opportunities that align with their personal interests and values. Even when not actively job hunting, people are open to explorations that may lead them to a more fulfilling career path.

To cater to this group, LinkedIn has introduced a new functionality that enables these users to discover personalized job collections. This impressive feature means that users no longer need to conduct a formal search to find suitable job opportunities.

Instead, LinkedIn will provide them with curated options that align with their profile and preferences. As a result, it makes the job discovery process more seamless and targeted.

This feature is good news for employers as it enables them to access a broader pool of potential candidates. Moreover, it offers a unique platform for firms to differentiate themselves and underscore their unique selling propositions.

For instance, say your firm provides distinct benefits, such as complimentary childcare services. You can utilize this feature to highlight these benefits and attract individuals whose values align with yours.

That said, LinkedIn is currently testing this update within a select range of industries, but there are plans for rapid expansion.

4.   Business Product Research

The recently launched Product Pages make it easier to find B2B products on LinkedIn. This new search function has revolutionized how professionals research and select B2B products. It has also empowered users to explore various products, gather insights from community experts, and, consequently, make more informed purchasing decisions.

If you’re a seller, LinkedIn’s new product pages can enhance your marketing strategy. You can leverage these pages as a virtual showcase for your products, detailing features, benefits, and unique differentiators. What’s more, you can gather and display reviews and testimonials directly on the page. This enables you to build trust with prospective customers and validate your offerings.


The recent updates on LinkedIn have made it an excellent tool for building a powerful brand and creating a good first impression. You can now reach new audiences with closed caption videos, research better B2B products, and attract quality talent with job search functionality. Due to its growing membership, the platform is expected to keep changing to ease use and management.

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~Leeza Hoyt