Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing is a Game Changer – and here’s why

Social media marketing began simply as businesses posting content they hoped would be seen or shared by others and that somehow viewers would convert to buyers. The advancement and sophistication of tools and technology has been a game changer in a number of ways, for businesses both large-scale and small. Marketing and advertising are nothing new. Before the internet’s banner ads and pop-ups, there were still billboards. There were still magazine ads, infomercials and flyers. 

Social media becoming a daily staple for social connection, personal networking and building brands has brought forth the opportunity for marketing. Now, we are able to target ads in a way that was never before possible. 

Social media marketing has changed how we market and target.

Every time some creates a social media account they agree to share personal information. This can include name, birthdate, age, gender, ethnicity, location, and sometimes more. In addition the terms of service include giving them permission to collect detailed data on our behavior and interactions on their platform. The amount of data that can be collected provides an extraordinarily deeply personal profile of users. In aggregate this provides tons of data that can be used to target very specific segments of potential customers. But first, you still need to know their ‘persona’. Where do they live. What is their age and gender. what are their interests. With highly targeted social media marketing, we are able to meet our clients where they are at. Whether it’s a millennial who has shown interest in a new car or a baby boomer shopping for home furnishings, we are able to target specific interests, age, location, gender, marital status and more. Because Facebook has more than 230 million United States based users, and 2.3 billion users daily, we don’t necessarily have to spend time figuring out where they spend their time. Now we have the ability to describe our ideal target audience, and have the ad shown to thousands of those exact individuals. 

Knowing your audience has become more detailed.

Targeting a specific audience has become more than an age group. You don’t just need to know that adult men, or teen girls are more likely to buy your specific product. Targeting on social media can get so specific that truly targeting your audience will get you the results you want. When we are targeting a specific audience, we don’t just include their age and gender. We can include marital and relationship status. We can target income levels, and shopping interests. We know, for example, if someone has applied for a mortgage loan. Another example might be if you own a salon, you’re more likely to see a successful ROI when you’re targeting individuals who have shown interest in topics like hair care, hair masks, fashion, or skin care. These individuals already have shown that they take interest in personal care. It’s essential to ensure that you’re targeting individuals that your product could be for, and the likelihood they will actually interact with the brand, comment, or make a purchase. 

Graphics have to be more attention-grabbing. 

Social media advertising has become big business for many platforms. Consequently too many ads are being placed in front of the consumer. It is averaged that every four “posts” on Facebook or Instagram (owned by Facebook) is actually sponsored or an ad. This can cause some ‘fatigue’ among users. This is why it is essential to not only target the right group, but to have graphics that are going to catch the attention of a consumer who has already seen, and not clicked on, many ads that day. Standing out is an essential part of the process – in other words, if your target audience sees your ad but doesn’t stop to really look at it, or read it, the ad wasn’t that effective in the first place. This fusion of quality graphic design, attention grabbing copywriting and the correct targeting is the recipe for a successful campaign. 

Overall, social media has changed the advertising and marketing game. It has created more options, and the ability to connect with the consumer on an even deeper level. 

Final Thoughts

If you are considering launching a social media advertising campaign there is a lot to consider. Before spending time and money, consult with experts. Here at THO we are well versed in the nuances of creating effective campaigns that reach the desired target audience. We get results.