5 Tips for Improving a Business’s LinkedIn Page

5 Tips for Improving a Business’s LinkedIn Page

A business’s LinkedIn page should serve as a marketing tool rather than a conventional “About Us” page. The key objective of a company page is to engage and interact with the audience while building brand awareness. Another key goal should be to retain current followers while building a strong follower count. 

Here are a few tips to enhance and maximize an individual’s LinkedIn company page to its fullest potential:

1. Use Visuals

It sounds straightforward, but visuals can determine the success of one’s company page. One of the first images visitors will see on an individual’s LinkedIn page is the banner image.

All posts should have eye-catching videos and lively photos. The use of videos can amplify your posts and attract a new following. For photos, it is best to use in-house photos instead of stock images as it provides a much more organic approach to the overall curated page. 

2. Engage with Short Posts

You have less than a couple of seconds to attract your followers to click on a post, so be sure to keep your updates short, simple, and straight to the point. The recommended characters are 150 or less. 

Utilize the word count to not only keep the posts from sounding dull but to keep them engaged. Ask stimulating questions and make updates personal by calling out to the audience. Always be sure to keep updates intriguing. 

3. Keep your Followers in the Loop

When uploading content, it is important to introduce the audience to articles written by others. This strategy helps provide a business’s feed with information that caters to the audience rather than a place for the company to talk about itself. So, remember to always link other articles and sources to the company’s posts to keep the intended audience engaged and interested.

4. Utilize Analytics Tool

As previously mentioned, a company page is meant to serve as a marketing tool so be sure to use the analytics tool provided to measure the success of one’s updates. However, make sure to use tracking links to further the page’s success.

By using this technique, it will allow an individual to see traffic from each update which can lead to new findings of inbound traffic. 

5. Limit the Use of Links

When added to a post, links can play a crucial role in attracting an audience. Posts with links tend to be more successful than those without, but be cautious when using links as it can easily be overdone. Be sure to use them sparingly so it will make the updates stand out. Stimulating posts featuring questions and personalized call-to-actions without links can also be engaging.

Key Takeaways

Always be mindful of utilizing a company page as a marketing tool and curate the page to fit the audience’s needs. Remember to maximize updates with thought-provoking content and an array of rich visuals. With these tips, have fun watching the follower count grow while exploring new opportunities to retain an individual’s or audience’s attention and loyalty.  


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