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Crafting Stories That Help Build Your Brand

Everybody has a story. Let us help you tell yours.

Our integrated public relations communications programs feature thoughtful, laser-focused game plans that use the right tactical tools to break through the bland in your market. With a deep understanding of everything from public relations, media relations, traditional earned media to emerging social and digital platforms to crisis management, we’ll strengthen your voice and amplify your brand.

Our Approach

Campaigns That Begin with Strategic Message Development

Most public relations and media relations campaigns begin with a change. Maybe you are launching a new product or service or even a new company? Perhaps you want to expand your business into new geographic markets or distribution channels. THO has helped companies of all kinds to prosper from change.

Our public relations and media relations campaigns have helped

  • Restaurants open new locations
  • Builders launch new developments
  • Healthcare providers expand into new markets
  • Design companies position leadership changes
  • Real estate companies acquire new businesses
  • Financial firms integrate new acquisitions.
  • And much more

As a leading Los Angeles area public relations agency, we begin with strategic message development, then build a media relations planning and implementation program that often includes a strong content generation effort. This may include everything from press releases to thought leadership, guest commentaries and media interviews. As your program unfolds, we fold in other tactics – such as press conferences and promotional events if appropriate – all of which are designed to sync together creating a strong cohesive program for you.

Strategic Targeting

Finding and Engaging Your Customers, Stakeholders and Influencers

Ever get on a cold call and give a brilliant 60-second elevator speech about the reason for your call only to have the person on the other end of the phone say, “I don’t handle that. You need Mr. Jones?” Maybe you can pivot quickly on the phone, but when it comes to PR, you better have the right audience down cold from the start. THO’s decades of experience means we have spent years identifying and targeting general and specialized customer and public markets, news and media organizations and experts, thought leaders and influencers throughout the U.S. Our reach lets you get your message out quickly, effectively and seamlessly to the people and companies that matter to your business.

How We Work:

Combining Actions with Words

No one hires a public relations firm to blend in. You want to stand out from the crowd, and you want your news, your event or your announcement to be memorable. For those reasons, we don’t offer canned programs. We spend the time to understand your business and your goals, and we use our industry knowledge and our integrated communications experience to design a campaign that’s right for your company.

We begin with a clear definition of what success looks like for you. What’s the goal? Where are the resources? Who will be involved?

Then, we build out a strategic communications plan that sets the stage for the next step. This may include a wide variety of tactics – from an influencer campaign to a targeted media strategy or a major special event. Depending on what we want to achieve, the event may be small and select or it may be big and grand. We may act as your spokesperson or your program may involve media training for a team of executives who have been identified as your company spokespersons.

All of these strategies are designed to lead to a successful program that will achieve your goals.

What You Can Expect

Integrated Programs That Achieve Results

At THO, our programs are designed to support your goals, whether that means building awareness, positioning or re-positioning your company or brand, transitioning leadership or gaining a competitive advantage. THO offers comprehensive strategies and programs that take you to the forefront of your industry by establishing your presence across multiple media platforms.

Ranked among the top independent PR firms in Los Angeles, our award-winning, growth-oriented services have made a tangible difference for hundreds of start-ups, public and private companies, non-profits and more.

We reach markets across the country with clients and media contacts in New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Kansas City, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and beyond.

We keep you apprised of progress through every step in the process, providing thorough and speedy reporting and follow-up. We’ll make certain that your message gets the widest possible audience and reaches the customers and thought leaders that are most influential.

By refining your message and selecting the right tools, we build awareness and trust in your brand.

Whether you need a single campaign for a specific event or an ongoing program, let us shepherd your message and craft the right story for you. After all, isn’t that what you want?

How Can We Help?

Make us your first call if you’re launching a new product or service, re-branding or encounter a need for media relations or crisis communications. We’re here for you:

  • Targeted PR
  • Strategic Communications
  • Social & Digital Media Strategies
  • Crisis Communications
  • Marketing & Design