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Public Relations Firms Specializing in Real Estate

Working in the public relations industry presents numerous exciting angles. In an ever-changing and ever-expanding industry, it is essential to know the news and trends. This holds especially true in your clients’ industries. This is no exception for public relations firms specializing in real estate.

The following is five reasons why public relations firms specializing in real estate are the only option for your real estate business.

You don’t want a public relations firm to guess their way to success.

Communicating strategically for a business specializing in real estate is not something that you can figure out as you go. You know this, your business knows this, and PR firms with proven experience in real estate know this. The industry is far too complex and too quickly changing to get quality through guess work. PR firms specializing in real estate know that the nuances of the industry can make it difficult to jump into. For example, an agency that focuses on public relations for consumer and lifestyle brands may not have an easy time transferring their knowledge to the real estate sector.

Experience means they already know what’s going on in your world.

As a real estate public relations firm, we have the ability to work in this industry with confidence and proven success. The Hoyt Organization is already monitoring real estate trends. We also are a PR firm representing healthcare, and a public relations firm representing behavioral health. We are a PR firm representing consumer/lifestyle, and a PR firm representing finance. While we are able to be multi-faceted, it is important for businesses seeking public relations firms to find an agency with in-house, proven real estate experience.

You don’t just want content – you want quality content distributed over the right channels at the right time.

Real estate PR firms know the best outlets and reporters to connect with to cover the exciting things happening in your business and the projects you are working on. A large aspect of PR is writing. This could be a press release, or ghost-writing a byline for a principal at a firm. While it’s not necessary to be an expert in everything, real estate and architecture are fields you have to have a solid understanding of before you start writing for high level principals or executives.

They know what you need.

You may be new to the world of public relations. When starting out, you might not fully understand what the impact is. It can be tricky to understand the capacity of public relations work and how it can benefit you if you are otherwise unfamiliar. Unless the agency you’re working with truly knows real estate, they won’t be able to perform at their best. If they’re not well-versed, you won’t see the best results. Finding an agency that specializes in your world will cut back on hours spent trying to understand it, saving you money and increasing the quality of your work in the long run.

It’s a partnership.

Working with an agency that truly understands your industry is invaluable due to the experience brought to the table. Your business is not just hiring them to do your public relations. You’re partnering with them to grow your business, communicate strategically and to bring new ideas to the table. You want any PR campaign to be a turning point for the company.

At the end of the day, you want someone who can be an asset to your business. Find someone who has proven experience with your industry, and can show you their successes.