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Kicking off one of DTLA’s most Iconic Developments

Launching CIRCA, a new, almost $500 million mixed-use development of luxury rental apartments, restaurants and retail space, was a very exciting moment. However, given the political climate, the cost of housing in Los Angeles, and a myriad of other challenges, it was critical that the first announcement be handled very carefully.  Developers of CIRCA turned to THO to lay the groundwork.

The Challenge

The launch of an iconic project of this scope always starts with the groundbreaking, the first event that would essentially unveil the overall largesse, design and intricacy of the complex. CIRCA, which is anchored by LALive, Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center, is part of an area that is designed to rival the likes of New York City’s Times Square. The 1.6 million SF property houses two 35-story towers made up of 648 luxury rental units, 48,000 SF of retail space, 15,000 SF of digital signage and 1770 parking spaces. THO knew it would quickly become one of the most iconic luxury developments in the area.

The Solution

As the first peek of the project, a simple but elegant groundbreaking was designed to include only those close to the project along with key dignitaries, like the Mayor of Los Angeles and LA City Councilmembers, among others. However, due to the political climate surrounding Los Angeles housing, media training was conducted with the development’s key persons to make sure they were prepared to answer difficult questions regarding housing in Los Angeles.


It was an exciting event attended by more than 100 people and media coverage included ABC7, CBS2, KPCC, KNX, Los Angeles Business Journal, many major trade publications and more. In addition, extensive coverage beyond the local and English-speaking world was achieved with placements in The Korea Times, World Journal (a Chinese publication) and MundoFox 22. As a result, CIRCA was positioned as a major component of the growing downtown community and gained credibility as a sign of revitalization and economic investment in the area.


Anytime a new development enters the market, it is essential to carefully craft how that project should be presented. Additionally, media training is crucial when a project not only touches, but shapes, the political landscape – this ensures the spokesperson will be prepared to answer difficult questions.

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