Lessons Learned From Successful Life Science PR Campaigns

Lessons Learned From Successful Life Science PR Campaign

Life science is a highly regulated and diverse field that evolves constantly. As a result, life science companies find it challenging to cut through the noise and reach their target audience, differentiate themselves, and keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in this field.

Case in point, when Genomic Life approached The Hoyt Organization, they faced the challenge of informing their target audience of the importance of genetic testing. They need to establish their brand as a credible and innovative solution. We created a comprehensive campaign to unveil their exciting new science that makes clinical grade testing affordable and accessible to everyone.

The goal was to raise awareness of their new science, its value, and its significant role in helping us understand the interplay between our unique genomes and our disease risk.

The results? 15 earned media placements, 94 million online earned media readers, 2 million online paid media placements, and over 619,000 new social media follows.

What lessons can we learn from this successful life science campaign? Read on to find out.

Key Lessons From Life Science PR Campaign Success

Here are the key lessons learned from the successful Genomic Life’s PR campaign.

Thought Leadership Brands You A Trustworthy Expert

Effective thought leadership (sharing unique, expert insights and high-quality content) can consistently raise your profile in the market and get your brand recognized. Showcasing proficiency and depth of knowledge substantiates credibility and helps gain the trust of target audiences.

That said, thought leadership isn’t just about spreading information. It’s about building connections and expanding networks within the industry. When creating thought leadership pieces, you must have a clear objective in mind. Do you want to spark conversation about your brand or secure speaking roles at key events?

For Genomic Life, the desired outcome was to demonstrate the expertise of Genomic Life’s executive team to the target audience – human resource executives. At the end of the thought leadership campaign, the brand reported a significant increase in requests for information and more than 18 meetings with companies seeking to secure employee testing.

Social Media Is Pivotal In Audience Engagement And Lead Generation

For life sciences companies, social media platforms are revolutionary in heightening brand visibility. You can use them to share product development news and other news as they happen, keeping your audience informed and sparking conversations.

You can also use social platforms to effectively interact with your target demographic, disseminate enriching content, and cultivate valuable relationships.

Furthermore, social media offers a unique opportunity to keep your ear to the ground by monitoring discussions related to your brand and industry. This lets you respond promptly and manage your brand reputation.

Social media is also an excellent tool for lead-generation campaigns. Such campaigns support the sales team by providing qualified leads who have already shown interest in your product or service.

Hosting Events Drives Awareness

Hosting events is about getting the in-person engagement that can’t be achieved through social media and other PR channels. These events allow attendees to see and interact with your products or services in real life and connect with key team members.

Consider partnering with renowned opinion leaders and experts for your life science event. This will elevate your brand credibility and attract a wider audience. Use the event to share valuable insights and showcase thought leadership to establish your company as an industry leader.

One of the challenging things about hosting events is getting people to attend. To curb this challenge during Genomic Life’s campaign, they offered free genetic testing for anyone attending the event virtually or in person. This drove attendance and allowed their target audience to interact with their product.

Earned Media Placement Is Vital

Earned media refers to the visibility your brand gains through word-of-mouth, customer reviews, and organic mentions by media outlets, influencers, or the general public.

Unlike paid or owned media, earned media is essentially free advertising generated by others discussing your brand.

In the realm of life sciences, earned media holds significant value. It has the following benefits:

  • Lends credibility to your scientific claims
  • Amplifies your brand’s reach
  • Creates trust when your brand is mentioned positively and boosts your brand’s reputation
  • Leads to increased web traffic and improved search engine rankings


Effective PR campaigns are instrumental in bolstering brand awareness in the life sciences industry. A well-structured campaign, underpinned by a strong brand identity and active social media engagement, can facilitate a profound connection with the target audience.

When implemented meticulously, these strategies can amplify your brand’s reach, enhance its reputation, and ultimately lead to significant business growth.

At The Hoyt Organization, we help brands in the life sciences industry create and execute successful PR campaigns that achieve their business objectives. Connect with us today to explore how we can help elevate your brand’s voice in the competitive life science landscape.

~Leeza Hoyt