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How To Achieve Earned Media Success

Achieving earned media success can be tricky! Earned media refers to brand promotion through organic means which can be in the form of a news article, blog, review, or a mention on social media.

The reason why there’s so much hype surrounding earned media is because of its effectiveness in forging connections between a brand and its customers.

Earned media success indicates that you have a relatable, authentic brand that people are genuinely interested in.

6 Tips For Earned Media Success

Below, we’ve outlined 6 tips to ensure earned media success.

Take A Stance

For your brand to be successful in generating earned media, you have to know what your brand is all about. What does your brand stand for? Can you define your brand’s personality and your brand values?

By defining what your brand is all about, you will be better equipped to decide what content your brand should put out there.

Remember, you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t want to. The more authentic your brand is, the more attention it will garner for all the right reasons.

The key is to know what your brand is all about and to stick to your guns. Don’t be scared to have opinions and don’t be scared to take a stance on important topics.

Create Pillar Content

Now that you know what your brand stands for, it’s time to target your brand’s target audience. How do you do that? By creating pillar content that speaks directly to them.

Pillar content centers around writing an informative and substantive piece of content on a specific topic. The key is to take a big idea or topic and cover it in its entirety. Then, you can create other content explaining the different subtopics in more detail and link it all together.

The initial creation of original content can be time-intensive, but it’s so worth it because it can be used over and over again in different formats. If done right, this will allow you to reach your intended audience and forge a connection with potential buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that you’ve invested in great content that resonates with your readers, it’s time to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible. Implementing search engine optimization is crucial if you want to target the right reader.

By using priority keywords, anchor text, and linking to and from high-ranking websites, you can make your content more discoverable for the masses.

Invest In Thought Leadership

As previously mentioned, you should not be afraid to have an opinion. In fact, your brand should act as a guiding light that people can look to. You want to be heard and seen so you can stay top-of-mind when people are in need of the products and services you offer.

By being a thought leader, people are also more likely to trust in what you are selling. Customers will more easily respect you and listen to you if they trust you.

Thought leadership allows you to speak your mind on everything that is going on in your industry. This is both a great responsibility and a fantastic opportunity to earn your customer’s loyalty through your unique expertise.

Nurture Your Customer Relationships

Be sure to create a safe space where people can comment on your content. This not only fosters more engagement but helps to build your brand’s online community.

If your fans spend hours reading, commenting, and engaging in conversations, then show them some appreciation by replying.

If you are wondering why you should care about what customers feel, then consider the following: It’s not about faking a connection, it’s about saying thank you. Yes, replying online takes up time, but it makes your followers feel seen and heard. That connection cannot be bought.

Don’t bombard your audience with your own thoughts and leave no space for discussions. By hearing what your audience has to say and practicing active listening, you will also be much more in tune with what type of content they want.

Be Patient

Seeing a return on earned media investment can take time. In fact, it could take years. But the payoff is so worth it. If you are an impatient person, then you might want to hand over the reins to someone else in this department. But whatever you do, don’t give up.

Being consistent, keeping an eye on online trends, and understanding search intent will get you very far, especially if you are willing to speak up about what you believe in.

You have to understand that earned media can take your brand places that no paid method can reach. Organic buzz is authentic and helps to turn ordinary people into brand advocates – free of charge.


Earned media success may seem like a gigantic mountain that feels too steep to climb. This needn’t be the case. By implementing these six tips, you will soon be on your way to reaching more people, while earning brand engagement and increased sales.

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