Why Communications is Critical

Words to live by: Why Communications is Critical

While the world will continue to evolve, there is one constant that will stay the same: the need to communicate — effectively. Remember, the way we communicate may change, but the need to do so will not.  How did The Hoyt Organization, Inc., (THO) manage to stay at the top of its game for 30 years? Here’s a few pointers that may help you do the same.

  • Embrace change. It will forever be your guiding star. Each generation has a different history, which leads to a different perspective, and an evolving lifestyle. This, in itself will help agencies with their diversity and inclusion initiatives. Realize now, that your history and background belongs uniquely to you. Applaud the similarities of your team, and respect the differences. It will lead to a  positive synergy that will make your team stronger and more effective.
  • Become a ‘technologist.’ —  I personally find the evolution of technology a fascinating science. If anyone has watched ‘Mad Men’ the sitcom with Don Draper that takes place in the 60s, it easy to understand how far we’ve come. They were using typewriters (one episode features the excitement of getting a copy machine) and rotary dials. Today, cell phones are on everyone’s hips, and we’re embracing virtual reality technology, that is being used to do everything from showing properties, to navigating roadways, and much more. Now, we’re even discussing the impact of interactive holograms that will be the next evolution.
  • Master social + digital (and whatever comes next).  Myspace was a leading communications tool of its time; until it was overtaken by Facebook. Then we added Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. Gone are the days of relying on print newspapers. While they still exist, its only a matter of time before they go fully digital.  It’s critical to stay on top of those channels that champion your brands. Be active on the key channels, and make sure you understand the rest. No doubt there will be more added to the mix as the calendar moves forward.
  • Trust your gut.  Ever had a new business meeting and walk out with an uneasy feeling? Pay attention to it. Whether that be on a new hire, a new client, or anything else. As my grandma said, there is another bus that comes along in 10 minutes. Be selective about how you plan your business, and your life.

 Live with integrity.

 Lead by example.

 Learn every day.

                …and laugh. After all, life is short. Enjoy it!