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7 Things Everyone Should Know About PR Professionals

Any public relations firm in Los Angeles will tell you that PR professionals wear many hats. The PR industry combines best marketing practices with strategic communication, editorial, and brand management skills.

A great PR firm can help to build brand credibility, increase sales and improve customer and client relationships. Most people have some idea of what PR professionals actually do. However, there is still some confusion regarding their skillset.

To shine a brighter light on this topic, here’s a list of seven things everyone should know about PR.

7 Important Things You Should Know About PR

PR And Advertising Are Not The Same Thing

People often contact PR agencies with the idea that PR professionals can meet all their advertising needs. Although there are some things that PR and advertising have in common, they are not the same thing.

Where advertising normally utilizes only paid media, PR typically focuses on more organic positive interactions between customers and your brand. In other words, PR focuses more on building trust with your audience. However, both advertising and PR base their promotional approach on thorough market research.

The Skills of PR Professionals

An experienced Los Angeles public relations agency will largely focus on maximizing earned media opportunities.

Aside from writing press releases, newspaper articles, or thought leadership content, a PR professional will also be able to research target markets and personas and create compelling pitches.

They are experts at organizing appearances at social events, writing public speeches, and managing public company crises. Lastly, PR professionals can also track and analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and adjust where needed.

Should Public Relations Experts Use Social Media?

While social media alone cannot offer your brand everything that a PR expert can, it is still an invaluable tool for connecting with your target audience.

Where possible, PR experts should use social media as an amplifier to broadcast your brand story. It is one of the best channels through which you can communicate with your audience in a clear, fun, and relatable way.

Most public relations firms in Los Angeles are experts when it comes to leveraging each social media platform to its full advantage. An experienced PR professional will be able to tailor content so that it captivates your audience on every social media platform.

PR Is Rooted In Strong Values

All public relations firms in Los Angeles are required to act ethically and according to strong moral values. They need to understand your company’s vision and values so they can strategically communicate with your target audience.

Not only are PR professionals required to win the trust of your customers. They should also earn your trust by being open and honest about your brand and communication strategy. This helps to prevent any future crisis from getting worse and creates the necessary room for your brand to grow and flourish.

PR Is All About Building Positive Relationships

A PR expert’s main job is to develop and maintain meaningful relationships with existing and potential customers, clients, and other key stakeholders.

By fostering these relationships, a PR expert can help you to effectively grow your company. It will also help to open the door to new marketing opportunities. In turn, this helps to boost your brand awareness and company credibility.

PR Can Benefit All Industries

Unlike other forms of marketing, PR has the potential to benefit all industries. This is because PR helps to boost brand credibility and influence the perception that customers have of your company. An experienced PR firm is also an invaluable asset during a PR crisis.

No matter your industry, your brand perception can make or break your company. As such, investing in PR is always a good idea when wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

PR Campaigns Is Measurable

We all want to know that the resources and time we invest in our marketing and brand awareness campaigns are worth it. The good news is that a PR expert will be able to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with online tools.

In turn, this will give them the information they need to adjust their marketing efforts where needed. This means that you won’t be guessing when it comes to reaching your target audience. Rather, you can be more strategic and feel more confident that your campaigns will leave a lasting, positive impression.


There is a lot to know about public relations agencies and how they can go about getting your brand the recognition it deserves. By measuring their success, building positive relationships, basing their communication approach on strong ethical values, and incorporating tried and tested advertising tactics, there is little that PR experts can’t do.

To elevate your brand’s reputation to higher levels, consider hiring an experienced PR firm to help you out.