Hospitality Industry Marketing

Rich Media And Social Media Are Essential For Hospitality Industry Marketing

Communication has changed tremendously in the last decade and it will continue to grow in the future. In 2021, over 4 billion people used social media and this number is projected to rise to 6 billion by 2027.

Social media has become an integral part of daily life for both people and businesses. The hospitality industry is no different. For marketing strategies to be effective, rich media and social media need to be integrated into your business plans. Keep reading to find out why.

The State Of Rich Media And Social Media

Everybody knows what social media is. But what is rich media? Rich media refers to advertisements that are interactive. Unlike traditional adverts that only aim to inform, these ads are built to boost engagement like clicks, comments, and sharing.

It builds a genuine relationship between you and your audience. Moreover, it helps you figure out how your customers feel about your brand and the industry.

The Interactive Effect report found that interactive social media ads boosted brand favorability by 19%, purchase intent by 24%, and search intent by 27%. They also lead to an increase in brand recall. These statistics prove the effectiveness of rich media and social media for the hospitality industry.

Why Rich Media And Social Media Are Key For Hospitality Marketing

Boosts Brand Awareness

Rich media increase brand recall by 8% when compared with traditional video advertisements.

Because these ads are interactive, they hold the attention of social media goers for longer. It draws their attention in a way a traditional ad never could and improves long-term recall. For hospitality, this means everything.

If anyone has seen or engaged with your ad and finds themselves in need of hospitality services, chances are they will recall your brand.

Because these individuals are interacting with your content, social media platforms will also recommend it to people with similar algorithmic profiles. Your content will be shown to others who are likely to explore it further. In turn, this will increase brand awareness.

Improves Buying Process

Utilizing rich media on social media platforms streamlines the buying process. From the moment a customer interacts with an ad to the checkout point, they have easy and immediate access to the services or products they are trying to purchase.

Rich media also allows brands to effectively communicate and connect with customers. Through social media platforms, customers have an easy way to contact management or other staff.

They can ask questions and get almost immediate replies about options or packages they saw in an interactive ad. This might seem small but an interactive ad that leads to immediate communication can turn into a booking or a future booking.

Increase Web Traffic

One of the best things about social media is targeted ads. With promotions and targeted ads, you can show ads to users that fit a specific profile or have a specific interest. It brings their interests – and your brand – right to their doorstep.

Combine this with rich media and watch as website clicks increase! These ads can lead straight to your website where customers can make a booking.

Not only will this improve your social media standing but it can also improve your search engine rankings. If your website is seeing more clicks and traffic, you may start to show up higher and higher on search engine results pages.

Enhances Engagement

More than likes and followers, engagement and social interaction are what really determine success on social media. High engagement usually translates into a high click-through rate and more bookings.

That is why rich media, which is all about being interactive, is so effective. Ads can be videos, games, etc. These types of ads increase engagement and therefore help to build your brand.

Engagement also improves customer relations. If ads and posts are doing well, customers are likely to comment or contact support about their stay, future visits, or other questions. This helps to build stronger and more positive customer relationships.

Gain Insights

Most social media platforms have business profiles. These business profiles offer insights or analytics that let businesses keep track of impressions, clicks, followers, engagement, and so on.

With increased engagement, interaction, and brand awareness, you can see which rich media ads are working and why. You’ll be able to gain a better view of your audience and develop ways to expand into other niche groups.

Insights will also encourage brand improvement. Management will be able to see which campaigns performed best and which ones didn’t. This way, you can constantly work at adjusting your rich media ad campaigns to get the most out of them.


Rich media on social media can help raise brand awareness, improve the buying process and increase web traffic. It also enhances engagement and helps you gain valuable insights into your target audience.

With social media becoming an everyday staple for more than half the globe, the hospitality industry can’t risk falling behind. Instead, leverage social media to boost your hospitality industry marketing through smart interactive advertisements.