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Public Relations Planning Tips For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us which means it is nearly time to take a well-deserved break. But just because you are planning on taking things slow, it doesn’t mean your business should do the same.

Now is the time to start planning ahead so your brand can continue to benefit from effective holiday PR campaigns during the holiday season and beyond.

Below are some tips on how to make the most of your PR strategy during the holiday season.

5 Top PR Planning Tips For The Festive Season

Launch a Charitable Campaign

If you really want to grab the media’s attention, then a charitable campaign is the way to go. Charitable campaigns not only tie in nicely with a corporate social responsibility mandate. They also give you the opportunity to mingle with other stakeholders.

By choosing a charitable campaign that your company really believes in, you can do some good while ensuring positive media coverage for your brand. This will allow you to incorporate the holiday, feel-good theme into your campaign which will guarantee ample brand awareness.

Keep The Content Flowing

The holiday season usually has lots going on with lots of events to attend and many family and friends to visit. Even though people tend to be quite busy during this time, most of them actually frequent social media platforms more over the holiday season.

This means it is the perfect time to capitalize on increased user activity by ensuring that your content calendar is packed to the brim!

By planning ahead and preparing lots of content for all your social media platforms you can effectively increase user engagement.

Make sure everything goes to plan by scheduling your content on each platform ahead of time. This way, you can sit back and relax while the content keeps streaming in on all your social media platforms.

Remember to update your cover photos, background photos, and your company’s profile picture on each platform. This will help you to reflect the festive spirit of the holiday season.

Create Relatable Campaigns That Appeals To All Customers

The holiday season is a celebratory time that shouldn’t exclude any cultures, religions, or alternative ways of life. Instead, you should aim to celebrate all the differences within your customer demographic.

Be sure to post content that will appeal to the various segments of your customer base. One way to do this is to let your employees help get your company’s festive message out there.

If you have a large company that employs a large variety of people, then each of them can share a holiday greeting with your customer base. Each greeting can be representative of that specific employee’s heritage, culture, nationality, or native language.

This way, your customers will be able to see that your company really values them. A campaign like this one will also be able to establish your company as an international employer. Spread the festive cheer and be sure to involve as many customer demographics as you can while doing so!

Invest in New Holiday Packaging

Whether you have an online shop or your products are typically found on store shelves, new packaging is a sure-fire way to grab anyone’s attention. This holiday season is the perfect time to add some festive cheer to your packaging’s design, so go all out!

You can pair your new packaging with a marketing campaign that features recipes and different angles to highlight your brand’s features and benefits.

You can also consider collaborating with another brand to increase the exposure of your new packaging. Try to pick a brand that will truly complement what your brand brings to the table. This way, both companies can come out victorious.

Go Big With a Holiday Giveaway

Competitions attract lots of attention, both online and in-store. By launching a massive giveaway during the holiday season, customers are even more likely to interact with your brand’s social media pages.

Everybody is looking for that perfect gift to give to loved ones, so be part of the solution and help your customer base to tick off items on their to-buy list.

The best thing about online giveaways is the conditions you can set for people to enter the competition. You can ask them to subscribe to your company’s newsletter, to like and follow your social media pages, or simply to interact with your social posts. You can also advertise in media outlets to spread the word about your giveaway even further.

By launching a holiday giveaway, you will ensure a win-win situation for both your company and your loyal customer base.

In Summary

The holiday season is the perfect time to maximize your brand’s reach and capitalize on user engagement. Whether you want to launch a competition, invest in new cheerful packaging, or give back through a charitable campaign, now is the perfect time to start plan