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Pet-friendly office: Straying from Office Norms can Increase Creativity

Here at Hoyt’s pet-friendly office, employees are encouraged to bring their furry friends to work. From Chief Napping officer Milo, Chief Barking Officer Stella Bean Barret, and chief treats Officer Buddy, our puppies are here to help us get the job done. Working in a dog friendly environment has its perks. Here are three benefits to animals in the workplace.

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Stress Reducing

Spending time with your pets can help relieve stress by releasing Oxytocin. The release of Oxytocin can help you feel more connected with your coworkers as well. Plus, animals can act as a great buffer from stress, allowing you to handle stress much calmer with the help of our furry friends. A pet-friendly office can actually increase productivity. Spending time with your pets can not only decrease your stress, the extra love and attention your pets will get in the workplace can also decrease their cortisol.



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Improves Health and Productivity

If you bring your dog in to your pet-friendly office, inevitably you will have to take the time to let your dog outside on a walk. These extra brief moments of activity can help keep the creative juices flowing throughout the day. Taking breaks to play tug-o-war or play ball with your pet can help to increase the quality of your work by allowing you to come back to your task with a fresh mindset. Plus, getting out of the office and getting some exercise and fresh air can increase your dopamine and endorphins.





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Bonding with Co-Workers

A pet friendly work environment can facilitate fun and friendly interactions between co-workers and promote bonding. Spending a spare moment playing catch with your co-worker and their dog can boost workplace camaraderie. Shared values like a love of animals can quickly boost empathy and build bonds between co-workers.




pet-friendly office

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