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Media Moment: Gena Wynkoop

Gena Wynkoop is the Assistant Editor for Seattle Refined, lifestyle TV show on KOMO-TV.

How did you get into journalism, specifically lifestyle-related topics happening in Seattle?  

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to write and I figured that journalism was probably the best avenue for me to tell stories.  

Beyond that, I also have a big zest for life and for people. So with this love for writing and passion for Seattle and communities in general, I knew that writing and telling stories about a place that I loved would be the COOLEST job ever. 

The fact that I can use my voice to highlight local artists, companies and events is not only so fun – but incredibly rewarding. The people I cover are always so grateful and I’m like hey – thank YOU for making my job so fun and our community brighter. 

What’s your favorite article you’ve ever written? Why? 

That is tough!

I love writing stories that I connect to personally and emotionally. Due to the light-hearted nature of my work, It’s not every day I can come in and write a piece that is super heartfelt and something that I connect with. I think it’s rare that writers have an opportunity to do that, especially early on in their careers. 

That being said, I do have some that I put my heart and soul into.

I wrote a piece on Street Bean, a local coffee shop who hires homeless youth and helps them get on their feet. Overall, it was a touching opportunity because I spoke with a young woman who found herself homeless after emigrating from Russia to Seattle. My favorite part of the whole thing was that we were the same age, and she felt like an old friend. I was happy to tell her story.

Fans recall their favorite memories at The Showbox – This was a passion project of mine! The ShowBox is an iconic music venue in Seattle that was being threatened by developers to turn into apartment complexes. Not on Seattle’s watch! I asked a few locals to send in their memories from favorite concerts and reading through the submissions was SO FUN! That’s the community aspect I love. #SavetheShowbox

Behind-The-Scenes of a Sweaty, Alternative Rugby Photoshoot – This was a fun and light-hearted piece I wrote about that I loved! A behind the scenes piece about an alternative photoshoot we did with Seattle’s Seawolves, our Major League Rugby team. I played rugby in high school so it was fun to get out and watch them practice and then boss them around for a little bit 😉

Thank you Gena Wynkoop for being a Media Moment!