Public Relations Strategies For Your Architectural Firm

Running a successful architectural firm requires more than simply constructing a great business plan and hiring highly skilled individuals. It all comes down to attracting the right clients. By investing in a solid marketing strategy that allows you to establish a strong presence in the architectural industry, you will be able to rub shoulders with more high-paying clients.

Establishing a PR strategy that goes hand in hand with your marketing plan is crucial. It will ensure that your architectural firm makes a great first impression on prospective clients.

4 PR Strategies For Architectural Firms

Here are 4 proven PR strategies that can help put your architectural firm on the map.

Establish a Strong Presence

In order to really be noticed, you have to be present on the right platforms. You also need to target the right people through a myriad of advertising strategies.

A great website is a good starting point. But, to stand out from your competitors, you also have to invest in social media, blogs, newsletters, and print publications.

Aside from utilizing all the platforms available to you, you have to be willing to get up close and personal with the brand’s history and story. This means that you have to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates with them.

The way you think about architecture might not be the same as how your clients think about it. So, you need to have a great PR strategy in place that caters to your clients’ needs and tells your unique story in the right way. This will help you to attract and retain the right people.

The key is to position your company as the forerunner or thought-leader in the architectural industry. Although all your clients may differ, in the end, they all need the same thing. They need to know that they have hired the best architectural firm in the business. With a great presence in the industry, you can convince them of that and more.

Invest in a Great Photographer

The architectural industry is a very visual industry. Because of this, you should have someone on hand that can showcase what your firm has achieved thus far.

By hiring a great photographer, you will have great visual material to present at meetings, gatherings, and networking events. What’s more, you’ll have a great visual aid that tells your story for you. In other words, this allows you to show people how great your work is – not just tell them.

Not only can a great photographer bring in new clients, but it can also help with digital marketing on various platforms. At the end of the day, this financial investment will pay for itself – especially if you hire a seasoned professional that has been working in the architectural industry for years.

A great PR agency may be able to connect you with the right photographer so you can show everyone why they should hire your firm.

Networking is Key

A lot of times, skilled individuals in the architectural industry know a lot about the technical side of the work. But, they may not know how to convey that information in an interesting or articulate way.

Your PR strategy should definitely include lots of opportunities to communicate with the community. However, in order to do this effectively, you should invest in some public speaking training.

More often than not, people want to engage with you face-to-face and hear what you have been up to straight from the horse’s mouth. This can be done during speaking arrangements, media opportunities, or when pitching ideas for potential new clients.

By conveying an idea or past project in an alluring way, you can halve the time needed to network and still land the same amount of new clients or projects. If all the people in your firm acquire this skill set, just imagine the vast number of business opportunities you could land!

Media Mindset

Investing in traditional and digital media coverage couldn’t be more important in the digital era. Whether you want to invest in print, magazine, website, or blog coverage, it could all lend more credibility to your firm.

You should also try to get on people’s mailing lists so potential clients are constantly reminded of what you have to offer.

Remember, coverage online has a longer shelf life than print publications and can also be shared with other people. When it comes down to it, there are a lot of options to choose from. So, you should try and invest in the media platforms that your client demographic most enjoys and engages with.

Final Thoughts

No two PR strategies will look the same – even if the strategy caters to the same type of business. In the end, knowing your unique architectural business and your potential client pool really well will help you to better strategize around key business opportunities.

Nick Luvera

Building the buzz for a new LA Eatery

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Building buzz for a new eatery is always exciting. In a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles, however, competition is tough. Working with one of our PRGN partners, THO was tasked with building excitement on the newest location for LYFE Kitchen in one of our submarkets. Our goal: creating unique opportunities to get the media, community and social media influencers in the door.

The Challenge

With two locations already in the greater Los Angeles area, this was not the first entrance into this market. THO’s goal was to fill the restaurant and encourage local Yelpers and social media influencers to not only come to the restaurant but actually cover this particular location.

The Solution

Get creative! Launching to the lunch crowd with a “brussel sprouts ribbon” cutting (see photo) served as the initial kick-off to the local community. THO then got even more creative in the design and implementation of media events, along with the necessary due diligence to identify food writers and bloggers willing to re-discover an existing restaurant brand.


Using private tastings and the grand opening, THO attracted writers and reviewers from more than 15 local magazines, community publications and blogs. We then implemented a second strategy targeted at the Yelp community, to build affinity for this location. More than 150 Yelp reviewers were invited to a complimentary tasting and experience evening. The results of this created an immediate buzz, as well as a strong, positive rating on Yelp that supported a successful launch as well as a restaurant filled with first-time LYFE Kitchen guests.


Building a buzz requires a building block process. Make sure you’ve engaged all of your major stakeholders early in the game.

  • Plan a soft grand opening at a time when the core group can gather and celebrate.
  • Remember, “the devil is in the details”: make sure menus are ready, the parking is easy, and directions are simple.
  • Listen to the comments at the first event, then make any adjustments based on the initial feedback for the next one.

The Hoyt Organization

Unveiling a New Housing Model for the Millennial Generation

A new 208-unit multifamily project designed specifically to meet the needs of the Millennial generation was under construction. After conducting in-depth research, the developer embarked on a project branded Elevé, a complex designed specifically to meet the needs of Millennials. But what does that mean? The focus was on creating a development that speaks to how Gen Y lives, not just where.

The complex consisted of micro-units with a focus on amenities such as a 26,000-square-foot sky-deck that housed a full-service dog park, an outdoor movie theatre, a rooftop sports bar with barbeque, two spas, and a number of sustainable features such as electric car charging stations, space for organic gardens, on-site recycling center and parking for 75 bicycles. The developer turned to THO to create a program to unveil this exciting new product.

At the time of the opening, multifamily development was at an all-time high in Los Angeles. Additionally, Millennials generally prefer living in dense, diverse urban areas over suburban environments. With Elevé located in Glendale, California — a city known for its tranquility ‒ the outreach needed to include key messages regarding the more artistic, vibrant and creative side of Glendale.

THO developed a public relations campaign which focused on the impact that Millennials had on the market, as well as the lack of housing for young professionals. It highlighted the complex not only as the place to be for the Millennial generation, but also the surrounding area which included a wide variety of restaurants, nearby shops and a myriad of other amenities within walking distance. In addition, the developer was positioned as the market expert in meeting the needs of the current rental market. The goal was, of course, to get it leased as quickly as possible.

The results were astounding. The open house included a full-scale tour of the project with extensive electronic coverage on several major news stations including KTTV and KABC. The initial launch resulted in feature coverage in the business section of the Los Angeles Times, CurbedLA,, The Industry Insider, HousingWire,, and more, with major pick up in all verticals. In the following six months, over 80 articles were secured in addition to the broadcast coverage.

The project was more than 75% leased within months of the pre-grand opening, and fully leased shortly thereafter.


  • Highlight a variety of benefits and amenities to appeal to a greater number of potential renters
  • Leverage recent surveys, statistics, market reports, etc. to provide third-party credibility and supporting points to your launch
  • Make sure the visuals are compelling and interesting

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