Intern Advice for Rocking an Internship

Today, July 25th is national intern day. Through my summer internship at the Hoyt Organization, I’ve gained new skills through new experiences. Interning in such a positive work environment as allowed me to grow so much. In celebration of National Intern day, I’m sharing five key pieces of advice that I have learned throughout my internship so you can  gain the most from yours.

Absorb as much as you can

This summer I’ve learned so much about the industry I’m excited to go into. I’ve learned it’s important to come into an internship with an open mind and try to absorb as much as I can. Every experience is a learning experience, from growing comfortable answering the phones to handling your first media list.

Carry a positive attitude

When you become a positive energy source in the office you become a little more essential to office morale. Whether or not you can meld with other personalities and build positive relationships during your internship can be a huge factor in deciding your future at the company you are interning at. The relationships built in the office are key to having a positive experience during your internship. Plus, your positive attitude can be a great morale booster in the office.

Don’t make excuses

When you make mistakes (yes, you will make mistakes), don’t make excuses. Don’t pass the blame. Accept your mistake and take it as a learning experience. Ask your mentors to explain how you could do better. This will show your employer that you are humble and mature. This will show how you hold yourself responsible for your own actions.

Be confident

This internship was my first ever experience working. It was daunting at first but one thing I learned was the aphorism “Fake it ’till you make it” certainly holds true. Like many other women, I’ve found that it’s too easy to talk down your own abilities which can prevent you from being chosen for projects. This self sabotage can even hold you back from movement in the company.  Showing others that you are confident in yourself and your abilities helps to positively change how you and your work performance are seen.

Make an impression

I’ve learned through this internship that working with a smile and responding to requests with “happy to help” has shown how excited I am to be here. Offer your help to ease other’s workload whenever you can. This will help demonstrate that you are a team player. Above all, make an impression, hopefully a good one.

Summer Intern Breeana Greenberg, Chapman University 2021