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The Dress Codes: Why Athleisure Fridays are Better Than Casual Fridays

In this day and age, there are a plethora of company dress codes. Each workplace has its own vibe and standards. Some of these dress codes are ingrained in the type of work – for example, financial firms must wear business formal suits, whereas tech companies tend to do the whole T-shirt and jeans with slip-on shoes thing. And then of course, there are the companies that abide by a more professional dress code Monday – Thursday, and shift on Fridays to more “comfortable” or “relaxed” styles known as casual Friday.   

But here at The Hoyt Organization, we have Athleisure Fridays. This means instead of wearing your favorite casual outfit, co-workers are encouraged to wear elevated workout clothes. Athleisure has become popular ever since the rise of Lululemon and the trend of wearing leggings instead of real pants.

The danger of the typical casual Friday brings a certain episode of The Office to my mind. Angela doesn’t want to see Oscar’s toes, Meredith isn’t wearing any undergarments etc. HR could have a hay day. But with Athleisure there is a definitive dress code still being followed. If someone showed up in baggy grey sweatpants and an old T-shirt with holes, then that is a clear violation of Athleisure.

All in all, Athleisure is the perfect way to allow your employees to be more comfortable at work without compromising an actual dress code that people can easily follow. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a few looks to get your company started on an Athleisure journey of its own!

Women’s Athleisure Looks (dress codes approved)


Men’s Athleisure Looks

We would love to hear (or see photos!) of how your office handles Athleisure or casual Fridays.