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Retail Design Collaborative

Launching and promoting a new housing facility in Santa Ana that promotes the quality of life for women in transition Breathing New Life Into a Space To Help Women Get Back On Their Feet On behalf of Retail Design Collaborative (RDC), an award winning leader in retail design and a full service architectural and interior… Continue reading Retail Design Collaborative

2020- The Year of Crisis - Crisis Management Public Relations -The Hoyt Organization

2020 – The Year of Crisis

By Philip Hauserman – The Castle Group What a year.  2020 might as well have been “the year of crisis.” Or maybe it was just one big 365-day crisis. It certainly felt like it, as The Castle Group’s crisis communications practice managed more than 100 crises for 57 clients in 19 states and two countries. Crisis communications… Continue reading 2020 – The Year of Crisis


How PR Will Absorb the Social Sphere in the 2020s

By Natalie Ghidotti – Ghidotti  Let this sink in for a moment. Facebook launched in 2004. Twitter became a word in 2006. Instagram? 2010. In roughly the time it takes to conceive a child and see them get a drivers’ license, the innovation of social media disrupted, overwhelmed, inspired and challenged public relations professionals around the… Continue reading How PR Will Absorb the Social Sphere in the 2020s

Media Moment: KC Stanfield

KC Stanfield is a reporter with Crittenden Research, Inc., which publishes targeted real state publications, such as The Crittenden Report: Real Estate Financing, The Crittenden Retail Tenants Report, and Crittenden’s The Apartment Report. Q: What made you want to become a journalist? I initially wanted to go into video game journalism. I really liked the… Continue reading Media Moment: KC Stanfield

Media Moment: Gena Wynkoop

Gena Wynkoop is the Assistant Editor for Seattle Refined, lifestyle TV show on KOMO-TV. How did you get into journalism, specifically lifestyle-related topics happening in Seattle?   Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to write and I figured that journalism was probably the best avenue for me to tell stories.   Beyond that, I also have… Continue reading Media Moment: Gena Wynkoop

Media Moment: Dennis Lynch

Dennis Lynch, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into journalism? I realized after graduating high school that journalism was a pretty good way to incorporate a lot of the interests I’ve had since I was a kid — history, politics, social science, etc. I couldn’t think of any career that… Continue reading Media Moment: Dennis Lynch