Sifting Through The Awards Nominations

Sifting Through The Awards Nominations

Awards and accolades aren’t just shiny ornaments that brands love to flaunt – they’re much more than that. They are fantastic megaphones for broadcasting your brand name far and wide and motivating your team to scale even greater heights. Awards also serve as a solid vote of confidence, illustrating how successful your venture is.

While winning at an awards ceremony is exciting, choosing which ones to apply for in a sea of endless opportunities can be overwhelming. Having trouble determining which awards are right for your brand and PR toolkit? Ask yourself if the awards you want to apply to are worth the hard work it takes to enter.

This article explores the potential benefits of different awards and quality marks. We’ll also share strategies on how to choose award opportunities that align with your vision and goals.

The Benefits Of Business Awards & Nominations

Being in the running for an industry award can certainly position your brand in a positive light, and winning can significantly boost your reputation. Here are the top benefits of professional business awards and nominations:

They Give You Free Publicity

Being shortlisted for an award nomination opens the door to free publicity. Event organizers are always eager to maximize the visibility of their event. This means you will find your brand name on their website, social media platforms, and press releases.

Use this as an opportunity to increase audience reach by:

  • Amplifying your own PR efforts, especially with local media and industry-specific publications.
  • Promoting your nomination or victory on your website, blogs, social media channels, and email signature.

They Give You A Competitive Edge

Awards and recognitions can act as game changers, particularly for small or newly established businesses aiming to penetrate the market.

Recognition can serve as a powerful equalizer, bridging the gap between your firm and its more established competitors. It legitimizes your business in the eyes of potential clients or customers.

Additionally, it propels your brand up the ranks, enhancing its visibility and credibility in your target market.

They Give You Third-Party Credibility

Awards serve as an external validation, proving to potential clients and customers that your brand is a recognized authority in its field. It’s one thing to claim leadership in your industry, but an endorsement by a respected third party is a testament to your expertise and excellence.

How To Choose The Right Award Opportunities

Is choosing the right awards opportunities proving to be challenging? Here’s a guide to help you sift through the nominations and identify the ones that truly matter.

Rely On Established Names

When you’re uncertain about which awards to pursue, opting for those with extensive histories and impressive name recognition is a safe strategy. Take, for example, the UpCity Excellence Award, which is highly esteemed by B2B service providers.

This award has been in existence for more than a decade, and to be ranked is genuinely considered an honor. Their rigorous selection process ensures only the deserving are acknowledged. If an award has been on your radar for many years, it’s likely a reputable one and a good place to begin.

Look At The Benefits

While some people might consider being awarded “Top Innovators in Tech” a superfluous accolade, others perceive it as an invaluable promotional asset. It’s important to weigh the benefits each ranking you plan to apply to might confer.

Does being recognized by “Top Innovators in Tech” enhance your reputation among your target customer base? If the potential advantage doesn’t justify the resources invested in the application process, it might be an award you can sidestep despite its validity.

Check Past Winners

A beneficial strategy, particularly when dealing with local or regional awards, is scouting the previous winners. You may have crossed paths or even worked with some of the recognized individuals or companies.

If you find yourself in agreement with the publication’s picks, that’s a positive indication of the award’s credibility.

Conversely, if you notice someone who has been ranked despite delivering substandard work, it could be a red flag. It may suggest that the publication might not be as stringent with its selection process.

Remember, using your judgment and industry knowledge when navigating these awards nominations is crucial.

Conduct Research

To apply for the best awards, you need a more holistic view. Consider conducting a year-end review of the awards in your industry.

What coveted titles are on your wish list? What are your competitors chasing after? How many are you aiming to acquire for your organization versus individual members?

It’s crucial to remember that no organization possesses infinite resources and time. Therefore, the total number of awards you decide to pursue should be carefully calculated. Going for all opportunities might dilute your overall strategy.


Sifting through awards nominations is an art and a science. It requires a discerning eye to identify the awards that truly add value to your organization’s reputation and align with your strategic goals.

At The Hoyt Organization, we help brands identify prestigious and relevant awards that align with their PR strategies with the most prestigious and relevant awards. Contact us to learn how we can help elevate your brand’s recognition through strategic awards nominations.

~Leeza Hoyt