Public Relations and Healthcare Work Together For Better Health Outcomes

Public Relations And Healthcare Work Together For Better Health Outcomes

Public relations has changed in the 21st century and it’s likely to continue evolving in the foreseeable future. For healthcare to work together with PR for better health outcomes, it’s important to mix traditional PR with modern PR.

To do that, it’s necessary to understand the importance of PR and how to navigate the new online and offline marketing spheres. Let’s cover how you can create a healthcare PR campaign that is up-to-date and actually produces better health outcomes.

The Importance Of PR In Healthcare

Unfortunately, even though healthcare public relations is essential, it is often overlooked when developing marketing and company growth strategies.

Here are four of the most prominent reasons you need a healthcare PR team.

  • Competitive Marketing. PR will help your organization stay ahead with competitive marketing.
  • Digestible Information. PR campaigns are important for conveying easy-to-understand information to the public.
  • Build A Brand. PR is essential in the healthcare industry, where being a trustworthy brand is vital as people are trusting you with their health.
  • Crisis Management. PR professionals know how to handle crises and will have crisis management measures in place.

Whether you are doing it yourself or using a reputable PR agency, PR should be a foundational process for any healthcare organization.

How To Create An Effective Healthcare PR Campaign

Determine Your Goal

To create an effective healthcare PR campaign, you first need to determine your healthcare organization’s goal. This can be anything from increasing brand awareness to getting more followers on social media. 

Having a clear goal will help focus PR efforts and make it much easier to track growth and strategies that do the opposite.

Establishing a clear goal also means establishing a timeline and creating a way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. For example, say your goal is to increase your social media presence. You’ll be able to track this through metrics like impressions, reach, followers, and engagement.

Keep track of the metrics you are trying to improve and make sure your goal is achievable within your chosen time frame.

Create Quality Content

Whether you are using traditional channels or social media, the content you create needs to be of a high quality. It must be engaging and valuable to your audience.

According to the Economist Group, the content that had an impact on their brands was the content that had unique information and the content that helped easily explain difficult concepts.

For a healthcare organization, this is a unique opportunity to create content that is engaging and educational. Create content that builds brand awareness and trust with the people at the same time.

Choose Your PR Channel

Public relations in the 21st century takes two major forms: traditional and modern. An effective PR campaign will contain both and match them according to your goal.

Traditional PR channels are newspapers, tv channels, industry-specific publications, etc.

Traditional PR can be expensive and time-consuming. Printing flyers, buying advertising space, and creating ads for television can cost a pretty penny. It’s also hard to track any growth metrics.

However, it is a great way to increase brand awareness. Most people still put a lot of trust in traditional media and the organizations that are featured on these marketing channels.

Modern channels cover social media content and influencer marketing. This means growing an audience on social media by posting images and videos. This includes creative content, educational content, promotional content, collaborations with brands or influencers relevant to the healthcare space, etc. 

You don’t need to be on every social media platform or publication, though. Focus your efforts and build an engaged audience on a few chosen platforms. Then you can expand to more channels later on as your audience grows.

Personalized Outreach

Online marketing is all about fostering relationships. As you reach out to other publications, creators, or websites, you will need to establish a personal relationship before asking for exposure. You can do this by engaging with content and doing small content callouts.

It’s also important to offer something in return. Online exposure between brands is a collaborative effort and your PR team should know what strengths can be offered in return for collaboration.


Lastly, routinely evaluate your PR campaign. You should care about what your customers feel. Listen to their feedback and opinions. See what content they interact with the most.

This enables you to establish which strategies are working and which aren’t so that you can constantly work on improving your PR campaigns.  

The only way for healthcare organizations to be in the know of these things is to evaluate PR strategies and their outcomes with a clear, objective mind.


Public relations for healthcare organizations can create strategic ways to get information to the public, boost brand awareness, and achieve improved health outcomes. It is essential for business growth and staying ahead in the highly competitive healthcare market to work with a deeply experienced and highly qualified los angeles public relations agency. Contact The Hoyt Organization today to discuss how we can help you.