Global Agency Network

PRGN Fall Meeting-Kyoto: What does being part of a global agency network mean for THO’s clients?

Your company is opening a new office in Florida… or Singapore … or Moscow… with the goal of expanding your global footprint and boosting profits. It’s a critical time that requires a knowledgeable approach to PR.

But does your firm truly understand the market you’re about to jump into?
As the Los Angeles agency in the Public Relations Global Network (, THO has partner agencies in 51 cities around the globe. What does this mean for our clients? We have access to the power of an international organization behind us, complete with innovative ideas, international best practices and a global network of advisers who help us understand a range of industries and geographical regions.

This global reach allows us to continue to discover new, groundbreaking ways to serve our clients locally, regionally and around the world.

We’ve discussed the benefits of being PRGN’s exclusive Southern California agency in previous posts, but never are the benefits to our clients more evident than when we gather with other partner agencies to share knowledge, traditions, best practices and lessons learned.

To Kyoto and back
At PRGN’s Fall 2017 Meeting, which was hosted in Kyoto by our Tokyo-based partner Integrate Communications, we welcomed three more partners, expanding our international reach even further.

It’s fitting that the meeting opened with a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, led by a 16th generation “teacher” who shared with PRGN members a tradition of Japanese tea that dates back to the ninth Century. It involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of powdered green tea, called matcha, which has evolved from a spiritual exercise to one practiced by nobles or used for medicinal purposes. Ultimately, the tea tradition extended to all Japanese townspeople.

In 2017, PRGN celebrated 25 years since being founded by four American agencies. Like the tradition of Japanese tea, it has evolved ever since.

Originally known as The Phoenix Network when it was founded in 1992, PRGN quickly expanded throughout the United States and ultimately to the world in the years that followed. This year, PRGN adds Karina Barcellos from SMARTPR.COM in Brazil; Jaspar Eyears from Another Company, which has offices in Mexico, Panama and Colombia; and Andy See from Perspective Strategies in Malaysia.

Throughout its history, PRGN has continued to be an open forum for members to share with each other. It’s this exchange of ideas that makes THO and our PRGN partners better agencies and communications practitioners. Each time we meet, every agency comes away with creative ways to more efficiently and effectively serve the needs of our clients. Even our newest partners have already taught us about strategies and business practices that can be integrated into the ways in which we serve our own clients.

Just as learning about Japanese history in Kyoto – from customs and traditions, to the art of Sake-making – enriched each of us and enhanced our world view, the ability to learn from global professional communicators and PR practitioners boosts our professional pursuits and the success of our clients. This is what makes The Hoyt Organization – as well as likeminded PRGN partners throughout the world – truly different from other agencies.