How to Ensure Social Media Success for Real Estate

How to ensure social media success for real estate (part 3)

Wrap-up: Social Media Analysis & Tips for Continued Success

Analysis is key for any project you work on, including social media. It’s important to take note of which posts do the best so that you can create more similar content. But that doesn’t mean you should rinse and repeat either.

Analyzing What Worked Best

Most of the platforms will allow you to see analytics natively, meaning within their own platform. Beyond just figuring out which posts do the best (like a beautifully staged kitchen or courtyard vs. tile flooring or smaller details), you can figure out what kinds of listings are resonating with different demographics or any customized, targeted audiences you selected. This way, you can tailor your content to really hit home with your followers.

Tips to Success: Post Like a Pro

There are a few tips and tricks left to mention to really make your social media for real estate sing. First and foremost, it’s important to realize that it’s called “social” media, meaning there needs to be a ‘give and take.’ In order to get the most engagement on your platforms, you need to be engaging back with your followers, both on your profile and theirs. I would suggest setting aside 15 minutes or so every morning to peruse your social channels to like, comment, share, etc. content from the people that you follow.

Another tip is to use social media to your advantage even when you’re offline. This means putting your social handles on business cards, signs and even bench ads (if this type of advertising is still a requirement of your target audience). You can create your own hashtag for people to use during showings or open houses. If you have a particularly fun aspect to showing clients around (such as famous cupcakes, a drone or ring doorbell) you can highlight that for people to share on their social channels.

If you notice someone who has a really stellar social media presence and you love what they do, feel free to save or screenshot their posts for inspiration. Once you have a compilation of different posts you like, you can use them to guide you to your dream aesthetic and content. It’s important that you don’t blatantly copy people. If there’s something you absolutely love and need to post as well, you need to properly credit the person who came up with it; otherwise it could damage your reputation and relationships.

Don’t forget that you have a world of stock images at your fingertips as well. This can be useful for when you need some extra content to fill up your feed. My personal favorite is for free photos. They have an easy search function and allow you to download directly to your device. Because they are royalty and copyright free, you don’t have to worry about crediting the photographer or website.

Final Thoughts

All in all, social media can be a powerful tool to boost your business goals and create a significant brand presence. Many consumers today, for both residential and commercial real estate, turn to social media to vet people or businesses. You need to ensure your social media posts and aesthetics are up to par and propel your brand forward instead of dragging it down. We have spent a lot of time with real estate clients who utilize all of these tips and tricks, so feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need help setting yours up.