Digital is driving public relations campaigns.

PR + Digital: How the power of digital is driving today’s public relations campaigns  

There will always be value in tried-and-true traditional public relations practices, however, in an increasingly digital landscape, evolving into new channels and expanding into the digital landscape is not only necessary, it’s required. With more clients looking to build their sales funnels, PR today is no longer press only, and digital is the name of the game.  

While the concept of digital is not new, as communications professionals — and ultimately marketers — we must ask what is the most effective way to utilize the power of digital in our campaigns. We must think now about both traditional and digital tactics to successfully deliver a compelling campaign tied to our client’s objectives. Therefore, we must remember the key facets of designing a program effectively.  Here are three tips on how to maximize your efforts and put digital marketing to work for you as part of your communications arsenal: 

  • Remember that PR is a Natural Lead Generator 

When many think of PR, they begin thinking about press releases and stories in major outlets such as The New York Times or the Wall St. Journal. While it’s true that PR is a major needle-mover for significant press opportunities, it should also be considered a lead generation magnet. Why? As valuable as placements in mainstream publications can be, a more targeted focus on getting your company’s story published in specific vertical publications that cover your customers’ markets can be much more effective. After all, they are targeted specifically to your market and should not be ignored.  

As a result, this content can be repurposed into a lead generation LinkedIn campaign, a targeted conference outreach, and more. Don’t overlook how to maximize this content.  

  •  Digital Resources Pack a Punch 

Embracing an integrated communications approach that aligns with your business goals will ultimately add value to your brand narrative and fortify existing lead generation tools.   

By deploying an arsenal of digital tools such as video content, blogs and podcasts to support traditional media relations and social tactics, businesses are able to cast a wider net and effectively engage with target audiences in a timely and widespread manner.  

Remember, public relations strategies drive forward the messaging, providing the narrative and thus, the impact. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of digital platforms and tools that will not only expand your reach, but optimize your budget as well.  

  • Remember to Build a Presence Where It Counts 

Building a digital footprint doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be strategic. Whether your business needs to reach the Yelp audience or a select group of industry influencers, a thoughtfully executed social media program can be what separates you from the rest of the market. 

In an era where data is king, digital content is also beneficial in a PR program because it provides near-immediate metrics and feedback loops that help identify whether your current outreach strategy is effective or where you may have blind spots. By adopting a results-driven strategy, your company’s story will be able to reach audiences in a way that other resources such as company collateral and websites just can’t.  

Companies that offer meaningful and engaging digital content that connects with target audiences will be able to promote engagement and position themselves as industry thought leaders and drive their lead generation capabilities to the next level. 

Want to know how? Just give us a call. We specialize in creating customized programs that take a holistic approach to your overall program. You’ll also have the confidence of knowing that there is an expert on your team that comes with the full knowledge of the latest techniques, both traditional and digital. This not only ensures you’ll get the right message out to the right audience in the right way, but it will also provide measurable results. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?   

Digital is driving public relations campaigns.