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Media Moment: Wendy Bowman Littler

Freelance writer for luxury lifestyle and real estate publication

As a freelance writer for luxury lifestyle and real estate publications, stunning destinations and residences are nothing new for Wendy Bowman. From her home base in San Clemente, California, Wendy covers residential real estate, hospitality ventures, design and more for publications in Los Angeles, Orange County, Atlanta and New York. Before she began working from the West Coast, she followed local news and lifestyles, nonprofit business, real estate and more for Atlanta Business Chronicle.

We sat down with Wendy to learn about her freelance work, dream assignment and more:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your freelance life.

I worked as a full-time columnist and editor for Atlanta Business Chronicle for 15 years. After traveling to California frequently on vacation, I decided to buy a little place in Laguna Beach. I began spending more and more time in Laguna, so I asked my publisher if he could arrange a more flexible work schedule that would accommodate my travel needs. He put me on contract, and I continued to serve as editor of Living in Atlanta and Atlanta Now magazines, mostly from California. Meanwhile, I built up my freelance work in both Atlanta and California, and I eventually decided to go out on my own. Because of my background with Living in Atlanta magazine, a residential real estate and lifestyle publication, I began writing a lot of those types of articles for Modern Luxury magazines in Atlanta, Orange County and New York. I also have had several other clients along the way, including the Visit Newport Beach website blog. A couple of years ago — again because of my background in writing about real estate and lifestyle topics — I was lucky enough to connect with both the publisher and editor of South Bay and Westside DIGS magazines. I’ve since become a regular contributor to DIGS, writing both real estate and lifestyle articles.

You’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years, what sparked your love for journalism?

I became enamored with journalism while working as a features editor on my high school newspaper in South Georgia. I interviewed a famous NFL football player (I’m a huge football fan), and thought, “What other job could I do that would allow me to meet and talk with famous people for work?” I was sold. I went on to intern at a couple of weekly newspapers and a daily newspaper while attending a junior college. Then, after graduating from the University of Georgia, I got my first job at a big magazine publishing company in Atlanta and went from there. Today, in addition to DIGS, my other top client is Modern Luxury, including The Atlantan, Interiors California, Interiors Atlanta, Manhattan and San Diego magazines. I also write for BASK magazine in California and still write and edit for Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Tell us about your dream assignment.

I’ve been working so hard for so long that I haven’t had a vacation in quite a long time. So, I would have to say that my dream assignment would be to cover a lovely beach resort in a far-off land where I could partake in activities such as yoga and tanning.

What is your favorite article you’ve ever written? Why?

There are so many, but most happened when I was a nonprofit reporter for Atlanta Business Chronicle. One of the most memorable is when I interviewed Dexter King, the son of Martin Luther King Jr., about the sale of The King Center. We met in his office and he sat under a portrait of his father; he was the spitting image of him. Very surreal.

What are some tips for people who want to pitch you a story?

Send me an email with all of the details. Make sure it pertains to the subjects I cover, and if you pitch something and I decide to run with it, please make sure you can deliver information and images.


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