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Media Moment: Jessica Isaac

Jessica Isaac is a writer for Apartment Therapy as well as a a freelance professional photographer.

You can see Jessica Isaac and her work on her website here and on Instagram here.

What led to your interest in writing? What led to your interest in photography?

I’ve always loved the slow, introspective nature of writing. Though, I tend to veer on the side of introverted, so writing is the perfect way for me to express what’s inside my head without the dark cloud of social anxiety getting in the way. In a similar manner, I gravitate toward architectural and still life photography for the same reason. While I love to look at candid photography, it’s my tendency to want to have more control and intention with the images I produce. Shooting interiors (which is what I specialize in) allows me to be slow and intentional to create a final image that is more aspirational than photo-journalistic. Writing about and photographing home interiors is the perfect subject for me, as the beauty of a home’s design feels very intimate and self-reflective.

What is something that you would like people to know about freelance writing?

Having a voice is probably more important than technical perfection. Being trained in school to write in perfect MLA format can really creep up on you and stifle your style. Especially in the digital world, capturing a reader’s attention is crucial, and copy editing oversights can be continually adjusted over time (obviously you should always copy edit your own work to help ensure this doesn’t need to happen, because grammatical errors will also creep up on your over time…in the comments section). Also, if you have a quick turnaround (more than likely), try not to overthink it. If it’s not your best creative work, you probably don’t have enough time to make it your best creative work, so practice getting good at knowing when it’s to stop, turn it in, and get it off your plate.What’s your favorite piece you’ve written? Why?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. I really like writing pieces like Design (& Life!) Lessons from a Forever Renter because I get to commiserate with and (hopefully) inspire a community who wants to take control of their own homes, whether they own them it or not. Since I am trained in the interior design world, I see a lot of images and articles that make us all feel like our own lives will never be adequate. Apartment Therapy is such a great forum for celebrating diversity in home design.

Are there any trends or changes you’ve noticed in the architecture/interior design sectors?

It changes so fast, if I say anything specific, it will probably be out of style already! The broadest shift right now is away from bright white-washed walls and stark minimalism, towards warmth and color.

What’s something people might not know about you?

A lot! I don’t display much of my personal life on the internet. So, I guess the fact that my home never feels finished. I see so many beautiful homes on the regular that my inspiration is never-ending!


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