Jillian spokely

Media Moment: An Interview with Jillian Spokely

Jillian Spokely, tell us a bit about your path into real estate? What do you like about working in the luxury residential sector?

I got into real estate in 2016, shortly after moving to California. Previous to LA, I was living in Minneapolis, MN working at an advertising agency and bartending on nights & weekends. When I moved to Los Angeles, I started completely fresh. I loved aspects of advertising, and I wanted to do something that would allow me to use my creativity without compromising my true (not so traditional) self. After a few months of job and soul searching, my boyfriend asked me if I ever considered Real Estate as a career. The moment I heard those words, my jaw hit the floor because I had the most exciting vision of myself as an agent and what I wanted to create. I Googled “real estate brokerage near me” and scheduled a meeting with the recruiter. The next day, I signed up for classes to get my license. Everything has truly fallen into place since that moment. That recruiter is one of my besties to this day.


What sparked your love for real estate?

What originally sparked my passion for real estate was that there are no limits to what you can create.  From there, I have discovered so many aspects of being a Realtor that I am completely in love with. Being of service to others is by far my favorite part. I’m extremely grateful to always be in that constant flow of giving and receiving.


What are some of the changes you have seen in the real estate landscape?

This is a great question. Style-wise there are too many changes to name! I was born and raised in rural North Dakota where ranch-style homes are virtually the only style home you ever see built. When I lived in Minneapolis, there were so many beautiful brownstones built in the early 1900s. Those are my personal favorite – and I will always love the old beach bungalows in the South Bay.


How does social media help you with your work?

I personally love social media as a creative outlet. My Instagram is such a sacred communication platform. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my Instagram feed. In return, I have the best support system of followers! Most of whom I’ve never even met. I have an album of screenshots in my phone from followers with the most encouraging, inspiring, kind words and I read them constantly to keep me motivated.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you?

I constantly crave salt. I put it on everything! I carry a little jar of truffle salt in my purse. Truffle salt + lipstick = essentials.


Thank you Jillian Spokely for being a Media moment!