The Next “It” Tool: Planoly

As many of us have learned, social media is not as organic or effortless as it may first appear. There is a TON of planning that goes into all brands, companies, and of course influencers on social media. These days, Instagram is king, so that’s where most of the focus is centered. After experimenting with a slew of tools for social media planning and posting, Planoly has reigned superior – at least for Instagram account planning and management.


The reason why their program works so well is because it goes beyond just scheduling posts in advance. Planoly provides analytics and (my favorite part) aesthetic planning. Their tool for “aesthetic planning” allows you to upload photos and videos to see how they look in a particular order before actually posting them. That way you can assess the flow and look of your posts before you actually post them, ensuring a cohesive account design. Below is The Hoyt Organization Instagram plan so you can see what the format looks like:


The calendar helps you to plan in advance, while the left column allows you to arrange the flow how you wish. This is a sneak peak of what *might* be coming up on the THO Instagram.


Their analytics are also displayed in a user-friendly format and allow you to change timeframe which is a perk that many other services marketed as similar to Planoly do not always allow. Instagram itself does not make it easy to report analytics for clients over a period longer than a week, so using Planoly will help prove your results when they matter. It’s worth it to go premium (for only $9 per month). It unlocks more features like scheduling out Instagram story posts and allows you to go further back in time for analytics. Here is an example of the premium analytics from one of our clients:


From one brand manager/social media manager to another, do yourself a favor and go play around on Planoly. I promise it will make your life easier and your Instagram flow more successfully. For more tips on social media, read my blog post on Six Tips for Managing Social Media for a Business, Client or Brand.

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