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How to Market to Gen-N

If the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we need to adapt to survive. The world of e-commerce did just that by creating a contactless, convenient shopping experience. The result: Generation Novel or Gen-N. The evolution of an entirely new consumer from the introduction of conveniences like curbside pickup and click-and-collect.

But, the needs of Gen-N are ever-changing and, as such, your marketing techniques must change with them. In this article, we look at a few tips and tricks to keep your company ahead of the game. So, keep reading to find out more about how to market to Gen-N!

The Current Market Landscape

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce saw growth equivalent to 10 years in just 3 months. The United States alone saw an increase in online transactions from 11% to 14%. This was a direct result of confining consumers to their homes.

Therefore, Gen-N (having evolved from a global pandemic) have greater expectations for companies and brands. They value how brands and companies react in a time of crisis. What this means is that while there is an expectation of constant digital improvement, transformation in line with society is also essential.

In other words, Gen-N places greater emphasis on the values and trustworthiness of a brand. So, businesses should not only provide a service but also improve on how they engage with and contribute to society.

How to Market to Gen-N

It’s clear that to compete in the current market brands must meet the needs of the Gen-N consumer. Below we look at 5 marketing tips that will keep your brand both relevant and competitive.

Emphasize your brand values

Covid-19 is teaching many of us to realign our values. While the digital market grows, our personal lives slow down.

People are spending more time at home with family, helping out in their communities, and giving back to the less fortunate. And Gen-N is starting to hold brands accountable and demanding they do the same.

Therefore, the success of your brand also depends on your role in society. For example, how do you help the environment? What are your social practices? Do you value your employees?

These are all important factors to Gen-N that help them to identify with your brand. Our newest consumer is all about spending money with a conscience.

Be transparent

Gen-N expects full transparency when it comes to your brand and its values. In this way, it’s not enough to simply align your business with certain values. Your consumers must see the difference your company makes in society. Showing Gen-N that you are genuine in your attempts to help others builds trust and brand loyalty.

Provide a good user experience

A good user experience is essential to keep Gen-N coming back to your brand. With most consumers confined to their homes feeling anxious or stressed, their digital shopping experience should be as pleasant as possible.

To achieve this consider doing the following:

  1. Offer new ways to get existing products
  2. Expand customer engagement methods
  3. Offer new types of products and services
  4. Make sure that your website is easy to use and that transactions are seamless

Further, a personalized experience is always a good one. Use data to get to know your consumer better and tailor product recommendations and blog suggestions to their needs.

Offer good service and support

Offering good service and support is key to establishing brand loyalty. A study by McKinsey shows that 75% of US consumers have tried different stores, websites, or brands during Covid-19. And 60% of these consumers would switch to these brands or stores at some point in the future.

This shows that as the digital market continues to grow, consumers are just one bad experience away from dropping your brand and finding another. But, by providing good service and after-sale support, consumers feel appreciated and will feel more loyal to your brand.

Be innovative

Gen-N is not made up of any specific demographic. It includes everyone from baby boomers to millennials. So, you can’t use a one-size-fits-all marketing approach.

To stay relevant, you must constantly improve your brand, product, and your online platform. Check in with your clients, ask for feedback, and improve their experience accordingly.

Brand innovation is also key to retaining customers. This is because an increasingly tech-savvy Gen-N will expect online conveniences even post Covid-19. In other words, consumer expectations will not change when the pandemic ends. If anything, the standard to meet will be higher.

Key Takeaways

It’s clear that for a brand to be successful and compete in the market it must do more than develop a great product. The digital-first Gen-N gets behind brands they can identify with and that contribute to society.

The marketing strategies you use can make a big difference to the success of your brand. So, to ensure your brand stays relevant, apply some of these marketing tips and watch your business grow to new heights!