Five Ways Plants Benefit the Office

Five Ways Plants Benefit the Office

Working in an office, by its nature, calls for a large part of your day to be spent sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen; plants may be able to change this. While the occasional trip to the printer, a coffee run or a bathroom break, may help, it does not alter the day’s dynamic by much. Just adding a little life and greenery to your office space can improve your entire work environment.

The air is cleaner.

Many factors contribute to air pollution in today’s world. We can find the majority of these problems outside of the workplace. However, a few pieces of daily office-use equipment exist that can increase unhealthy ozone levels in offices which are often overlooked. The number one contributors to unhealthy office air are copy machines and printers. A study shows plants help break down these chemicals, taking in the ozone through little pores called stomates. Once the plants are done “digesting” the chemicals they are broken down into less concentrated forms. This process depletes the office area of ozone. The plants will then release clean, fresh oxygen into your office space!

Stress levels lower. 

It’s no surprise that any job, especially deadline-driven office jobs, can come with some stressors. Managing priorities, deadlines, coworker relationships, and work quality is overwhelming at times. Plants help decrease the physiological and psychological stress that, on occasion, is inevitable in the workplace. Plants create a natural feeling that soothes and lowers blood pressure which in turn, helps keep you calm thereby contributing to completing work efficiently and well.

They are low maintenance.

One of the best parts about having plants in the workplace is they don’t add any extra stress to an already busy office. Indoor plants require little light and water. Once the plant is in a pot, you don’t need to move or transplant it again. Office plants do not require water every single day, so there is no reason to worry when you leave the plant in the office over the weekend. Succulents and cacti are especially known for being low-maintenance and “hard to kill”. This makes them popular office plant choices. When you return to your desk Monday morning, your plant will be happily waiting for you!

Plants create natural decor.

People love plants! Employees working in the office day-to-day, visitors and clients alike walking into the office will instantly notice and have an attraction to the space. This is a result of a connection to the outdoors and its calming effects. We can attribute our love for plants to a scientific theory called Biophilia hypothesis. Biophilia hypothesis states that people seek connections with any form of nature, in any way. It is not natural for human beings to be inside for the vast majority of hours per day – bringing nature into the space is a great way to include the opportunity to connect with nature, while getting things done.


Plants keep you creative and productive.

Colors affect the human mind and can often impact emotions and moods. Because of the greenery plants provide, it induces creativity and it stimulates the imagination. You insert bright colors sparking inspiration when you add a plant to the office. Creative juices flowing through the brain increase workers’ motivation and productivity.


It is easy to cultivate a calm and productive office space. All that you need to do is add a few plants!



By: 2019 Fall Intern, Brittany Plunkett, California State Long Beach, 2020