Five Best Apps to Assist Your Media Efforts

Five Best Apps to Assist Your Media Management

Communicating to a larger audience requires strong organizational skills and seamless time management. This holds true whether you’re doing media outreach/media management, trying to manage social media, or boost attendance for an event. Since part of being a successful communicator is being aware of and knowing how to correctly use the available tools, it is essential to remain up-to-date on programs that can help things run smoothly. Reaching your target audience in a timely manner is important because it provides the most value to your client. Whether you are new to media management and are unsure of the available tools or are a seasoned pro who is looking for new programs, we have complied a list of the top five programs changing the social media management game.

1. LNK.BIO is a website that can make managing an Instagram account a breeze. It allows you to include a link in the bio section of your account, simplifying staying current on news, events, and products. The program makes it quick and easy to promote projects or events, or even apply for a job you’re offering.

2. helps take FacebookLive streams to the next level, allowing you to go Live in three styles: solo, interview and talk show. The solo option allows you speak to your audience as well as include viewers commentary on the screen. The interview option allows two individuals to merge both Live streams into one. The talk show option allows up to four guests to share a LiveStream. This tool is great for promoting events, interviewing a thought leader or event attendees or allowing room for more individuals in a conversation because of the varying features.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a program that allows you to schedule social media posts and analyze performance with ease. Through Hootsuite, you can reply to messages and comments on any social media platform from one place. 

4. Buffer

Buffer is an app that simplifies managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts by allowing you to schedule and post content from one centralized location. From the Buffer app, you can schedule and post content onto all social media accounts. Additionally, it analyzes how well your posts’ performance so you can improve your content.

5. is an organizational platform that allows you to draft and schedule out posts ahead of time on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Due to the programs time-saving prioritzation, you can work in advance and ensure you never miss a post date. makes it easy to see what the post would look like on your timeline, because of the easy-to-use preview tool.

Certainly, many other programs can be used for media outreach. Because of the unique features on these cutting-edge apps, in contrast, the above can be a game changer for a driven communicator. Minimizing the number of programs you use can maximize your productivity and success.

Summer Intern Breeana Greenberg, Chapman University 2021