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The Five Proven Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

Meditating offers an abundance of benefits. It can be especially helpful in a workplace setting. Mindfulness and meditation help to bring your attention inwards. Through focusing on the present and noting any thoughts mediation can help you understand yourself better.

Our agency recently had the privilege of inviting in a meditation expert to lead our teams in a series of exercises. Focusing on health and wellness in the workplace has been proven to increase employee happiness and decrease employee burnout. Due to these benefits, bringing a meditation expert into the workplace was a great way to unwind with coworkers. We were able to relax in a setting that we would otherwise not have the opportunity to. Many people may have developed an interest in it, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet or don’t know where to start. This was the perfect opportunity to try it. It provided a fresh perspective on the importance of unwinding in your daily lives. Here are a few more benefits that meditating can have.

Meditating can lower stress

Learning to manage stress properly can trigger a domino effect of positive outcomes. Decreasing your daily stress is shown to lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. These practices can teach you to stay focused on the present, both during meditation and in your day-to-day life. Staying present minimizes stress. It helps to keep you from worrying about the past or future.

Meditation can boost Productivity

Meditating can help boost energy levels for several reasons. Too much stress is proven to minimize productivity. Meditation decreases the stress hormone, cortisol, removing an energy drain. Meditation can help with insomnia by giving you the tools to help you clear your mind of stressors and tomorrow’s worries. By helping you get a better night’s sleep, you’ll have more energy throughout the next day.

Meditative practices increase Quality of Work

Meditating can increase your quality of work. As a communicator, it is important to re-center yourself to ensure you are focusing on what’s really important. Meditation can help you keep calm when distractions and deadlines come. It can help you focus on what you and your clients need. It improves your ability to work under stress through heightened focus and attention. By focusing attention, meditation helps keep you from careless work or sloppy multitasking. By giving your thoughts attention, meditation gives you the skills to refocus. This is important. It can decrease the amount of time your mind is wandering. Repetitive meditation practice may even promote divergent thinking which may help boost your creativity.

Meditation has shown an improved mood

Through increased self-awareness, compassion for others and yourself, and improved communication, meditation can improve your mood. By decreasing irritability, meditation can therefore increase happiness. Focusing on the present is powerful. Meditation allows you to become more level-headed and less reactive to negative feedback. The practice may even reduce job strain and burnout. This has lasting positive impacts. It makes this practice a major asset to the workplace.

Meditating has proven positive long-term effects

Long-term effects of meditation can be seen through daily practice. It may begin with stress relief but by practicing, you can become more aware of others and yourself.  In fact, meditating may change the way you engage with the world. You may become calmer and more level headed, because of committing to regular practice.

Summer Intern Breeana Greenberg, Chapman University 2021