Why Architectural Firms Need Public Relations

5 Ways PR Benefits Architectural Firms

Below, we’ve outlined why architectural firms need PR.

Increase Awareness For New Projects

Each project that your firm takes on is truly unique in its own right. By simply driving by a new building, potential clients won’t truly get to see how much effort you’ve put into the designing process. Moreover, they won’t understand the challenges you had to overcome or the lofty goals you had to set for your team to get the job done.

Each project has a story behind it that is just waiting to be told. An experienced PR company will know exactly how to inform, entertain, and educate potential clients through storytelling.

By capturing the attention of both industry leaders and potential clients, your firm will gain more visibility and credibility. With all the effort you put into each project, it’s vital that your firm gets the full recognition it deserves.

Creation Of Useful Marketing Collateral

You offer a professional service, but do your digital and print presence speak to your achievements and your reputation in the industry? If not, you may want to solicit the help of a reliable PR firm for all your marketing collateral needs.

A great PR firm will be able to help you with printed brochures, posters, videos, e-books, newsletters, graphics, white papers, blogs, articles, advertorials, press releases, speeches, photography, and much more.

Not only will it free up your hands to leave marketing matters up to the experts, but it also means that you’ll be able to build up a marketing library that’s neat, orderly, and easily accessible.

This means that if the opportunity comes by for you to speak at a convention or event, you will already have all you need to impress attendees.

Lead Generation

The goal of any business is to grow. The best way to do that is to keep existing clients happy and attract new clients on a regular basis. Keeping clients happy will be solely up to you and your architecture team. However, when it comes to acquiring new clients, PR can help you out.

PR experts are masters when it comes to growing brand awareness, positioning companies as thought leaders, holding the interest of potential clients, creating desire, and stimulating action. As such, PR can help with lead generation via various print and online channels. A great PR firm will also help to facilitate communication between new clients and your firm.

By having all marketing collateral point back to your firm’s website, PR experts can even retarget potential clients with tailored advertisements. This is sure to guarantee a high return on investment.

Put A Company Crisis To Bed

Although it’s not fun to think about, company crises do happen. When a crisis is not handled correctly, it could tarnish your company’s reputation. But don’t fret. With an experienced PR firm at your side, you can handle any company crisis smoothly and swiftly.

The key is always to be prepared should the worst come to pass. Remember, the crisis in question doesn’t have to be huge to cause damage to a brand. So, it should be taken seriously no matter how minor. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running by having an action plan in place.

A great PR firm will be able to supply you with a trained spokesperson and meticulously crafted statements that will help you to recover from a public relations crisis.

Expert Media Coverage

New building projects have various development stages, all of which deserve media attention. Whether you have just finalized the planning of your new project or you are getting ready to launch a new site, the community, industry experts, and potential clients need to be kept in the loop.

An expert PR firm can arrange for various media coverage throughout all stages of new project developments. This can include things like:

  • Magazine articles
  • Guest blogs
  • Social media updates
  • Event organization
  • Photography sessions
  • Video content
  • Interviews with your team and project manager

The important thing is to keep the lines of communication open and to stick to a well-thought-out communications plan. This will help you to navigate the requirements of each communication opportunity with ease.


Architectural firms are experts at designing new buildings. Your expertise should be made known to all interested parties if you want your business to flourish.

An experienced PR firm can help to put your firm on the map and shine some media spotlight on any current or future projects you have in the pipeline.

Leeza Hoyt

How To Amplify Your Real Estate Development Brand with PR

One of the key factors for real estate developers to attract more customers is increased brand awareness. By investing in an experienced real estate public relations firm, you will be improve your credibility in the competitive landscape and position your business as an expert in the real estate development industry.

Below, we will look at five ways in which public relations can boost your real estate brand.

5 Ways To Enhance Your Real Estate Brand With Public Relations

Shine A Spotlight On New Developments

Whenever a new development is in the works, good exposure is crucial if you want to ensure maximum profits.

So, you want to make sure you use PR techniques to promote your new developments. Highlight the entire construction and sales process to keep potential buyers interested and invested in the development.

Having a PR firm here is very beneficial. They know exactly what mediums to utilize to relay your brand’s unique vision behind each project. This way, you can boost awareness of your projects and brand.

A property PR firm will know exactly what type of coverage media houses will want, whether it’s photos or press releases. Most PR firms have great connections with other media outlets. As such, they are experts at ensuring your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

Make Your Voice Heard

People tend to listen to experts in any given field. Information gleaned from a reliable source is worth its weight in gold. Why not become that trusted voice to your clients?

Your real estate development brand can make a name for itself by providing regular commentary on market-related affairs in respected media outlets. Together with property PR, you can decide on a media outlet that will best suit your brand and build your business profile.

When new legislation impacts the housing market, your brand could be the voice that potential investors turn to in order to make educated decisions. Transparency breeds trust, which is why property investors tend to trust undiluted, logical insight. By becoming the voice of the real estate development industry, more clients will come knocking on your door.

Write About Your Buyers

Buyers are always keen to read about the experiences of other buyers that are in the same boat as them.

So, ask your buyers if they would want to feature their buying experience as a case study on your website. By telling their story, you can showcase how your business is uniquely qualified to help meet clients’ needs.

Furthermore, you can also use their story as a testimonial, which could help in landing even more clients. Just be sure to get their written approval before using their story on any platform.

Your PR firm can also feature your buyers’ stories in traditional media publications if you have permission to do so. The best bit about hiring a PR firm to write about your buyers’ stories, is that you get to focus on what you love while all the marketing is taken care of by experienced PR professionals.

Get On The International Bandwagon

Seeing as property investment is an international business, it is a good idea to secure coverage in real estate magazines within select markets. A PR agency will be able to get your property developments in front of the right buyers.

PR firms can target international investors by securing coverage in key global publications. In fact, there are quite a few estate investment titles that will accept articles on different regional markets.

The great thing about PR firms is that most of them have a wide network of close editor acquaintances on speed dial. This makes getting published in these esteemed global publications a lot simpler.

Become A Social Butterfly

Most real estate developers will agree that they have very little time to engage with potential clients on social media platforms. However, when hiring an esteemed PR firm, this is easily taken care of.

By making sure that a regular stream of quality content is released on a monthly basis, you can effectively build a loyal brand following. Guides, press releases, and case studies can all form part of your content calendar and effectively lead potential clients to your website.

Whenever your PR team arranges for an article about your business to be published in a well-known publication, that media house will likely also share the article on their own social media platforms. By doing this, your brand’s audience gets amplified. As a result, you could round up even more potential clients.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of ways in which to amplify your real estate development brand with PR. Not only can PR shine a spotlight on your new developments, but it can also help to build your brand through social media and by securing article

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Design and Architecture Public Relations

Design and architecture go hand in hand. Each architectural era features a slew of new building designs with interesting design interiors. Many construction projects garner media attention, which is great news from a public relations perspective.

However, very few design and architecture firms leverage the business value that more recognition and media attention can bring to the table. Read on to learn why public relations play a critical role in this industry.

About Public Relations For Design and Architecture Firms

By investing in public relations, design and architecture firms will benefit not only their own companies but also those associated with the project.

Construction workers, builders, contractors the architect and the people who will eventually occupy the building will all get credit for their great taste in architecture. When it comes down to it, the ability to build a great reputation over years of experience in your specific industry is a sure-fire way to get to the top.

Designing a beautiful building opens up multiple PR opportunities for both designers and architects. It gives them a chance to portray what their company is all about and communicate with potential clients.

Here are a handful of ways in which your company can do just that:

–       Media coverage throughout various stages of your project development.

–       Press opportunities in trade publications if the project in question serves a particular industry.

–       Recognition through awards if the building stands out in terms of energy conservation or certain environmental benefits.

–       Reuse of project photography on your company’s website or social media channels.

–       The creation of case studies that can be issued to future clients and loaded onto your website.

The traditional structure of design and architecture firms doesn’t often lend itself to in-house PR roles. So, hiring an external PR consultancy would be your best option. PR professionals can help to ensure that the above-mentioned publicity opportunities are taken advantage of. This will allow you to concentrate on what you truly love to do.

Why Design and Architecture Firms Need PR

No man is an island, and with all the help available to you, you certainly shouldn’t be! With a PR professional at your side, you will finally be able to ensure that your company gets the recognition that it truly deserves.

Here are three reasons why your design or architecture firms need to hire a PR professional.

Stand Out From The Crowd

A PR professional who has been in the media game for a while will be able to pinpoint what differentiates you from the competition. This might seem like a trivial detail to you, or you might think that it is obvious. However, it is how you leverage this fact that will help you to truly stand out.

To a lot of people that don’t know your industry as well as you do, one industry firm might look identical to another. If you are able to explain to potential customers why they should choose your firm, you are more likely to win over clients.

How does one do this? By telling your company’s unique story every chance you get and making an emotional connection with your audience.

Become a Thought Leader in the Industry

A great PR firm can help your company to position itself as a thought-leader in the architectural and design industry. This is a prime place to be. Clients often seek out who they perceive to be the best in the business to ensure a high-quality end product.

Remember, every client is unique, but they still have their similarities. In the end, they all have a problem that needs fixing. A great PR firm will be able to convince them that you are the answer to that problem.

Blogs, awards, interviews, social media, and press releases can all point to your company’s industry knowledge. This will help you to establish trust with potential clients. Transparency is key, especially if you factor in the completed successful projects you’ve completed in recent years. When it is time to select an architectural firm, you will be the first firm they call!

Crisis Management

As with any company, media crises often arise at the most inconvenient times. When hiring a PR firm, you can rest assured that they will be more than capable of handling any crisis that can potentially harm your reputation and brand.

From lawsuits to misunderstood commentary, an experienced PR professional will be able to craft sincere responses that accurately portray the heart and soul of your company.

Not being prepared if a crisis should strike is a risky situation that most long-standing companies simply won’t take a chance on.

In a Nutshell

All design and architecture firms should have an experienced and reliable public relations team on hand. Not only are they great at leveraging media opportunities, but they are also able to calm raging storms should a crisis arise.

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