Shoemakers kids

The New Launches…And The Shoemaker’s Kids Have New Shoes

Public relations, marketing and communications professionals – the really good ones, anyway – are notorious for ignoring their own advice.  We correctly insist, in no uncertain terms, that clients’ websites, blogs, media relations, social media programs, and countless other communications tools are key to giving clients a digital advantage over their competitors. Day in and day out, we design and implement just that.

Rarely do we take our own advice.

Just as a home builder can finish an entire subdivision before finishing his or her own kitchen remodel; an interior designer creates hundreds of incredible living spaces in home after home while his own walls are adorned with only paint swatches; or a landscaper hires the neighbor kid to mow his law; or a broker rents an apartment until the perfect home comes along; The Hoyt Organization team always puts clients’ needs first. We embody the phrase “The Shoemaker’s Kids Have No Shoes.”

Until now.

We are pleased to present the new, completed over the last year in baby steps of progress. Five minutes here. 10 minutes there. Brief, guilty windows of time – when we practiced what we preach – and worked on our own digital presence. In the time it took to redesign one website, our team won dozens of awards, placed hundreds of news stories and wrote millions of words.

Yet, somehow working on our own website just felt weird. Still does.

So, the THO team and our colleagues from around the world will spend the next year giving back those 5 and 10-minute increments of time spent on ourselves.

52 Weeks of Free Advice will publish each week in this space, and answer questions that PR clients have (or should) ask us.

After a year, we will call it even.